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A little economic stress doesn’t mean you can’t have fun – and success – this holiday marketing season. When you’re developing your seasonal marketing plan for this year, think convenience and bargains for your customers. The economy has made some people a bit more stressed out than usual, so the easier you can make it for them to purchase from you, the better. To help combat potential customer woes, here are some quick and quirky marketing ideas. 1. Make Your Logo and/or Buttons Festive Get your customers (and yourself) in the holiday mood by sprucing your logo or action buttons for the season - on your site and any social media channels you regularly use. For a good example of how to do this with your logo keep an eye on the Google logo and notice how they change it to fit the season and times.  2. Personalized Postage Stamps Use postage stamps that have your company logo or other relevant picture or message for all your holiday cards and other direct mailers. You could hand out the stamps to high spending customers and let them help you spread the word. 3. Mobilize the 12 Days of Christmas If you have customers who receive your mobile marketing messages, develop a 12 Days of December campaign and send them a special offer or festive message on each of those days. 4. Add Your Fake Holiday Create your own holiday to put in the seasonal mix. For instance, how about a “Print Your Flyer Friday?” Market this new “holiday” on your site and other areas where you advertise. 5. Go Fly a Kite Hold a kite flying event and invite customers to participate. You can have kites made with your company name and logo or a special campaign. Consider teaming up with a kite company. You can even hold kite flying contests and give away your products or services as prizes. These quirky marketing tips are meant to get you thinking a little outside the box this season to make it not only more profitable but more fun as well.