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Beyond Design

Beyond Design is a blog feature based on an interview with a different graphic designer – sent to thousands across the country – great for creating new connections and business! The article will focus on what you do BEYOND DESIGN. Are you also a musician? A writer? A painter? A big Hollywood actor?

Tell us About Your Talent

We want to know what artistic talent you have in addition to graphic design and feature that talent; as well as the graphic design pieces you’ve printed with Next Day Flyers. Simply fill out our short survey with your information and we will be picking a new designer to feature.

Graphic Designers – Click Here to Tell us about your talent!

Submission Rules

1. By submitting your name, you are agreeing to be interviewed and for the results of that interview to appear on the Next Day Flyers blog and social media outlets, along with your graphic design work that have been processed by Next Day Flyers.

2. The featured designer will have the right to suggest and approve the graphic design and artistic pieces that will be featured in the article.

3. To enter for a chance to be featured, you must fill out our short survey by clicking the link in our email or on this page.

4. Winner and article will be featured on our blog and social media outlets.

5. Only one entry per person per month.

6. You must be a graphic designer and have a valid Next Day Flyers account to enter.

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