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Packaging Stickers

Custom Stickers for Packaging

Let custom packaging stickers elevate your branding to another level. Add a personalized touch to all your packages or complement your products for a matching, streamlined look. Use it as decorative accents on your product packaging or give it a more functional role in sealing boxes and envelopes for delivery. Besides showing off your brand, packaging stickers are a convenient, all-in-one packaging solution.

A wide variety of material options are available to suit your needs. Choose paper sticker material for general indoor use, BOPP and white vinyl for outdoor, waterproof requirements, or textured Estate paper for an exquisite premium look. You can use NextDayFlyers’ online design tool to create your own artwork or upload your own.

Packaging Sticker Materials for Maximum Impact

While sticker design is important to catch attention, the right choice of material is equally important. This is often overlooked but choosing the right substrate can bring the overall design together and help your sticker last longer. Here are our available sticker materials and how they’re best utilized:

  • Paper packaging stickers – Paper-based stickers are available in three variants: 70 lb. label, white premium sticker, and Estate adhesive. All three materials are ideal for indoor use and have a writable surface with the use of a permanent ink marker. These strong and durable stickers are great for sealing packaging boxes while in transit or in storage. Estate paper has three types: white vellum, white laid, and white cream texture. They all have a unique textured surface that is suitable for elegant and premium packages.

  • Plastic packaging stickers – If you need durable, weatherproof packaging stickers, opt for our plastic-based options. White vinyl and BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) are extremely durable sticker materials that withstand exposure to oil, moisture, and refrigeration. White vinyl is our sturdiest material for packaging stickers and has a UV coat to add an extra layer of protection. BOPP comes in four variants: white, clear, silver metallic, and rainbow holographic. Plastic-based packaging stickers are best used with bright colors and minimalist designs that enhance and draw more attention to the brand or logo. It’s also the perfect packaging solution for products that need to be refrigerated.

Unique Ways to Use Custom Packaging Stickers

With packaging stickers, versatility is the name of the game. These can be used as standalones or combined with your other marketing efforts to boost branding even more.

  • Boost box branding – Tailor your packaging stickers with your custom box or pouch design to amplify brand recall. Having stickers and packaging work in harmony shows your customers a meticulously planned and executed brand marketing effort. It also gives a more streamlined and consistent look as opposed to one that’s haphazard.

  • Seal before shipping – Packaging stickers can act as a functional accent to seal or secure your product packaging. It’s the best way to seal custom tissue paper elegantly inside mailer boxes. It also works for other packaging solutions such as envelopes, boxes, and paper bags.

  • Branding on a budget – Even if budget is tight, you can still use packaging stickers to put the spotlight on your brand. You can use plain or brown kraft boxes, pouches, and paper bags for your packaging and let the stickers do the heavy lifting for branding. This minimalist method highlights your brand without breaking the bank.

  • Address label – Packaging stickers can also double as address labels. You can pre-print the stickers with your address and allocate enough space to personalize and write down your mailing details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer waterproof packaging stickers?
Yes, we do. Our plastic-based sticker materials are waterproof and are also resistant to tears, oils, and moisture. Choose white vinyl for cut-to-size stickers and BOPP material for rolls. Textured estate paper can also withstand exposure to water for approximately four (4) hours.

What’s better for me? Cut-to-size or on a roll?
It depends on how you plan to use the packaging stickers. Cut-to-size or individually cut stickers are the better option for small batch orders – 100 stickers or less. These are designed to be applied by hand. This format is also perfect for giveaways during events and tradeshows. Roll stickers on the other hand, are best for bulk use. These come in rolls of 250 stickers or more. They can be rapidly applied on hundreds of products with the use of a label dispenser.

How much do packaging stickers cost?
The cost of packaging stickers depends on the size, material, and quantity. When you print more, the cost-per-piece becomes cheaper.