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Online Label-Maker

Make NextDayFlyers your go-to online label-maker. Our high-quality labels are available in various standard sizes and die-cut shapes. Choose from our selection of sturdy materials that are made for indoor or outdoor application. You can even get your custom labels ready for shipping the next day.

Your Online Label-Maker

NextDayFlyers: The Only Online Label-Maker You Will Ever Need

Printing custom labels may seem complicated at first what with all the details that you need to consider, including size, material, etc. But with an online label-maker like NextDayFlyers, rest assured that you can still have all the customization options that you need without making the whole process tedious. You can configure the specifications of your labels, expedite the turnaround time, and instantly get a quote for your order using our price calculator. On top of that, creating your design online is possible with our website’s built-in online design tool. You can even request a free PDF proof!?

Our custom label-maker can print your labels in several different ways. The high-quality, full-color printing is a given, but you can further customize your labels by adding premium coating like matte, gloss, metallic and foil finishes. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to your label design. As a vinyl label-maker, NextDayFlyers can also make your labels waterproof to protect them against water and moisture. Whether it’s the 70 lb. label or white vinyl sticker, you are guaranteed that the materials used in printing our custom labels are durable.

How to Make Custom Labels With NextDayFlyers

With NextDayFlyer as your online label-maker, creating custom labels for product packaging, mailers, and other applications is a breeze. All the printing options that you will need are found in one page and the customization process takes just a few minutes (make sure you already know the type of label you want to produce). Here is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to make your custom labels:

Step 1. Pick a format. If you need to label a large quantity of items, go with roll labels since they can be applied using a standard label dispenser. Individually cut labels are peeled and applied by hand so they are more suitable for labeling items in small numbers.

Step 2. Choose the size and shape. This will depend on your preference, but our custom labels are available in several standard sizes and die-cut shapes.

Step 3. Select the material. Depending on whether you need individually cut or roll labels, the options for the label material may vary. You can get white premium paper, vinyl, textured paper, and BOPP.?
Note: Both textured paper and BOPP are available in different varieties. This includes white and cream laid for textured paper and white, clear, silver metallic, and rainbow holographic for BOPP.?

Step 4. Select the coating. Layer your labels with matte or gloss coating to make it more durable and give it a stylish finish. Premium coating is also available in certain materials like silver metallic and rainbow holographic BOPP. You may choose to add a metallic finish to the whole label or only in specific areas like the background, for example.

Step 5. Set quantity and turnaround time. The minimum number of labels that you can order for individually cut and roll labels are different. That’s why it’s important that you know how much you need early on so you can pick the right label format. Once you have set the quantity, you may choose to expedite the turnaround time or opt for the standard printing time of 3 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a label attractive?
Good color selection and high-quality prints are both crucial in making a label attractive and more attention-grabbing. Choose at least two or three colors for your label. Make sure that these colors are in line with your brand and complement your design. For high-quality printing, the best solution is to go to a reputable online label-maker like NextDayFlyers.

What information should I put on a label?
If it’s a product label, it should contain several important information aside from the name of the product and your logo. This may include the size, quantity, or weight of the item, a list of ingredients and nutritional value for food items, and directions for use, which are typically applicable for cosmetics and home cleaning products, among others.

How will I know the size or type of labels that I need for my product?
The size and type of labels you need depend on the packaging or container of your product. Measure the packaging and then decide how large is the label that you will need based on those measurements. Once you have decided on the dimensions, use our custom label-maker to set the exact size of your labels.

Can I order custom-printed labels in bulk?
Yes, you can certainly order custom labels in bulk. We recommend it if you have the budget because the price per label is lower when you order in bulk.