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Bulk Labels

Bulk Labels

Give Your Business a Big Push With Bulk Labels

Whether you’re labelling thousands of products on a daily basis or just need to be stocked up and prepared, printing bulk labels gives your business peace of mind. Our labels come individually cut or spooled in rolls. They are made of high-quality, durable materials that lasts for years. Choose between 70 lb. label or white vinyl material for cut-to-size. 70 lg. label is a popular label choice because its surface offers excellent writability with a ballpoint pen or permanent ink marker. White vinyl material is our most durable label material. It resists tearing, moisture, and UV exposure. For roll labels, choose from white premium sticker paper, biaxially-oriented polypropylene or BOPP, and Estate adhesive paper. White premium sticker is perfect for food items that don’t require refrigeration. BOPP excels with products that are exposed to oil, water, moisture, or refrigeration. Estate has a textured surface that lends well to premium and luxury items such as wine and high-end chocolates.

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How to Customize Your Bulk Labels

  • Take advantage of writability – Use the label material’s surface to your advantage. Design you labels with blank spaces so you can hand-write or stamp names, addresses, and other information.

  • Choose the right shape and size – When you print in bulk, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Make sure that the shape and size of your labels are correct and have the right specs before committing to an order. Also consider future-proofing your designs so that your labels will always be maximized.

  • Generic is good – Bulk labels need to be flexible. Since it’s printed in bulk, it has to be used in a variety of ways in order to maximize it. It should be okay to use on products, correspondence, and even marketing. Create a generic, but appealing design that will work when used in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your bulk labels waterproof?
Choose our white vinyl sticker for individually cut labels and BOPP for rolls if you require waterproof properties. Both materials resist tearing and moisture.

White vinyl also has a UV coat that adds an extra layer of protection against scratches and scuffs.

What’s the difference between the coating options?

  • Matte gives a flat-satin finish for a muted, subdued look.
  • Gloss is the standard finish for bulk labels. It offers a shiny sheen.
  • High gloss gives an even shinier look for your labels. It has a UV coating that protects the label from scratches.

Are your bulk labels easy to apply?
Yes, they are. Our bulk labels have a crack-and-peel backing that makes label application a breeze.

Do I save with bulk labels?
Yes, you do. Printing in bulk lets you spend less in the long run. The more you print, the more you save.

How soon can I receive my bulk labels?
You can view the delivery estimate for your order on the product page itself. Click ‘Get Delivery Estimate’ and type in your ZIP code. You’ll receive the different shipping costs and delivery dates available for your order.