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Increase Your Brand Worth With Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom Packaging Box

Using custom packaging for your brand can elevate your business to new heights. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with using plain packaging, in this day and age, image is everything. Branded boxes and custom packaging materials go a long way in quickly and efficiently communicating what your business is all about.

Read on as we take a deep dive into custom packaging and how it can increase your brand worth.

Custom Packaging Leaves the Right Impression

As far as branding goes, first impressions last. In fact, in a study made by psychologists at Princeton University, all it takes is one-tenth of a second for people to form an initial impression. This proves the importance of setting yourself up to succeed. Whether a customer or a bystander sees your branded boxes, they will form an opinion about your business instantaneously. Custom packaging gives you the ability to present your best foot forward every time.

Using custom packaging can also impact conversions on-site. When potential customers see plain packaging outside, they won’t be enticed to go to your store to buy the same item.

Banding is powerful. You have to maximize every opportunity in order to increase name recall. Using personalized packaging materials and custom boxes gives you an additional advertising platform.

Whether you’re a startup business or an established brand, custom packaging provides customers the complete experience. It gives them a glimpse of what your brand stands for and elevates the whole experience of their purchase. From unboxing an exquisitely designed mailer box, unwrapping the brand tissue paper inside, to seeing the extra attention to detail of the products inside, custom packaging plays an integral role in leaving a lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own design for custom packaging?
Yes, you can. You can create your own design from scratch using our online design tool or improve upon pre-made design templates. If you prefer to use a different software for your design, you can complete the order process and checkout, then we’ll send you a dieline template.

Do you offer sample custom boxes?
Yes, we do. For our custom boxes, you can order a sample from the product page itself. Choose ‘1 Sample’ from the Quantity dropdown menu.

What is the turnaround time for custom boxes?
The standard production time for custom boxes is 15-20 business days. You also have the option to expedite production, shortening the time to 6-8 business days. Take note that this does not include weekends, holidays, and transit time.

Can I add special features like foil-stamping or embossing on my custom boxes?
Yes, you can. We offer special treatments for our custom boxes such as foil-stamping, embossing, and spot UV effects, among others. Visit our Custom Product Quote Request page to provide custom specifications and inquire.

Can I print inside the box?
Yes; you can print inside, outside, or both sides of your custom box.