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How to Adapt Your Product Packaging to Appeal to Digital Shoppers

Product Packaging

A lot has changed over the past few years. From the introduction of the internet to the boom of e-commerce, the whole landscape of retail and packaging went through an upheaval. As far as the future is concerned, adaptation is key. It is important for your business to recognize the signs and ride the correct waves and trends. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting lost in the shuffle and being deemed passe or irrelevant.

With e-commerce front and center, it’s crucial for your business to adapt. The retail landscape is now digital so you have to make the necessary changes to appeal to that demographic. Your product packaging needs to be attractive to digital shoppers. You need to communicate its benefits, use case, and overall appeal through the screen.

Difficult? Yes.

Impossible? No.

We’ll guide you with some steps you need to take to future-proof your business through packaging.

Why Does Product Packaging Matter for E-Commerce?

Product packaging is important because it protects your products, gives you a platform for branding, and provides a complete brand experience. With e-commerce, customers base their orders on what they see on their screen or through your sheer reputation. Your goal is to exceed their expectations right from the get-go.

Nowadays, when unboxing videos are all the rage, you have to offer a complete, enjoyable brand experience, starting with custom packaging.

Since most of your products are shipped, proper protection is key. Custom packaging ensures that your products fit perfectly and are in place. Ill-fitting packaging can make your items rattle around during transit and run the risk of damaging your wares. By using custom packaging, you minimize the chances of damage to your products, saving you time and money.

Custom packaging also serves as a blank canvas for your branding. You have the freedom to play around with it as you see fit. Through personalized details and high-quality materials, you can give your customers an unboxing experience to remember. This is important because buyers, especially vloggers, will inspect every nook and cranny of your package. Let them. You’ve got nothing to hide.

Creating Effective Packaging Design for a Digital Audience

One of the first steps to take in refreshing your brand for digital platforms is to take a long hard look at your product and your clientele. You have to identify specific details that will guide you in the right direction.

Asking key questions about your product is the best starting point. Here are some queries you need to consider:

  • Is it fragile?
  • Does it need to be sealed?
  • How light or heavy is it?
  • Is there any risk of leakage?

Answering these questions will reveal the requirements for your packaging. You’ll be able to pick the right materials and sizes that fit the bill for your items. Since e-commerce sales are usually shipped, your products have to be well equipped to handle the journey.

Another question you need to answer is who are your customers? Identifying your client base will also reveal the right design cues you need to take for packaging. If your clients are seniors, you need to spell out instructions clearly with a large font. If it’s geared towards children, the overall look has to be playful and attractive.

With the digital revolution, being adaptable is integral to you business’ success and longevity. If you are making the pivot from brick and mortar sales to e-commerce, your packaging also has to change. While your packaging design for both physical and online stores has to be good and attractive, your packaging for digital requires a more focused approach.

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