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Custom Cardboard Boxes

Store your products in secure and attractive packaging
  • Go big, small, or in between with customizable dimensions
  • Sturdy cardboard to keep your products safe whether in transit or on the shelf
  • Design your boxes online with our website’s built-in 3D design tool

Put a Premium on Packaging With Custom Cardboard Boxes

The success of your product may well depend on the effectiveness of your packaging. If you want to move your product rapidly, you need packaging that is eye-catching, can communicate your brand identity, and acts as a sales pitch to your customers. Custom cardboard boxes can do all these things and more.

Create attractive custom boxes that can draw the attention of your customers and build anticipation about the product that they carry. Design your boxes with your logo, brand colors, tagline, and more not only to leave a lasting impression on your target market, but also to make potential consumers curious about your product.

How to Customize Your Custom Cardboard Boxes at NextDayFlyers

Customizing your cardboard boxes at NextDayFlyers is fast and hassle-free. First, choose the dimensions on your boxes based on your preferences and needs. Whether you need to deliver a subscription kit or put your products on the shelf, you can set the size of your cardboard boxes based on the following measurements:

Length: 0.75" - 30"
Width: 0.75" - 20"
Height: 1.75" - 20"

You can then select which type of cardboard material to use for your custom boxes. Our cardboard boxes are available in four materials including standard white corrugated cardboard, premium white corrugated cardboard, premium white corrugated cardboard with glossy ink, and kraft (brown) corrugated cardboard.

After choosing the size and material of your cardboard boxes, you can then finalize your order by selecting the printed sides (outside only, inside only, both outside and inside, and no printing or blank), quantity, and production time. The standard production time of our cardboard boxes is 20 to 25 business days, which can be expedited to 6 to 8 business days for an additional fee.

Popular Sizes of Cardboard Boxes and Their Usage

Whether you want to go big or small, the size of your custom cardboard boxes is pretty much your call. But if you need a guide, here’s a handy cheat sheet for the most popular cardboard box sizes and their usage:

Small Boxes (Length: 0.75" - 7", Width: 0.75" - 7", Height: 1.75" - 7")

Small custom cardboard boxes are used for storing and transporting small items, which can be several things from food, cosmetics, and electronics. They can also be used as gift boxes or packaging for clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

Medium Boxes (Length: 8" - 18", Width: 8" - 14", Height: 8" - 12"

Medium custom cardboard boxes are perfect as subscription kits where multiple items or products are stored. They can also house a wide variety of products such as toiletries, small appliances, artwork, books, gadgets, shoes, and apparel.

Large Boxes (Length: 18" - 23", Width: 14" x 23", Height: 12" x 16")

Large custom cardboard boxes are made for storing multiple small-to-medium-sized products or large items. They can be used to transport appliances, pillows, blankets, lamps, groceries, and a whole host of other products that need to be safely delivered. These boxes are also handy for storing holiday decorations, portraits and paintings, as well as old clothes that are no longer in use.

Tall and Long Boxes (Length: 0.75" - 10", Width: 0.75" - 10", Height: 1.75" - 30" OR Length: 0.75" - 30", Width: 0.75" - 10", Height: 1.75" - 10"

Tall and long custom cardboard boxes are suitable for shipping long and relatively narrow items such as golf clubs, baseball bats, fishing rods, and more. They can also be used for delivering rolled posters, banners, or other print products.


What’s the difference between cardstock and corrugated cardboard?
Cardstock is thicker and sturdier than regular paper, but it's thinner than cardboard. It is durable and flexible, which makes it ideal for various retail products. Corrugated cardboard, on the other hand, is made for storing and shipping heavy and large items since it is thicker than cardstock. It can be used to transport furniture, home appliances, leather-bound books, and more.

Do you offer any tools that I can use to design my custom cardboard boxes?
Our website has an intuitive online 3D design tool that you can use to add graphic elements to your box design. You can access the tool by clicking Design Your Box Online in the product calculator. With its help, you can add images & logos to your box, insert text, place shapes and lines, set the background color, and more.

Can I request for a dieline template?
Yes, you can. Once you are done configuring the specifications of your custom cardboard boxes, you can proceed to order and request for a dieline template by clicking the Order Now & Receive A Dieline Template button.

What’s the minimum order quantity for your cardboard boxes?
You can order a sample box from us if you want to see the final product before placing a large order. Our sample boxes have a turnaround time of 3 to 5 business days.

How can I get the shipping estimate?
Place your order and you will be directed to your cart where you can provide your zip code and get your shipping estimate. Here, you can also see the total cost and breakdown of your order including shipping and handling.