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Consumer Packaging Shifting over to Ecommerce Packaging

Consumer Packaging

As traditional business models continue to struggle with the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, adaptability has become a vital ingredient for survival. A key component for brands to stay afloat and thrive in the new normal is to embrace ecommerce. With stay-at-home orders being strictly enforced – and perhaps, the safest and sensible thing to do – it’s not surprising that online shopping has greatly increased. This monumental shift in consumer behavior has fundamentally changed how consumers do business.

Shifting Gears Online

Packaging for Ecommerce

Salesforce1 notes in their quarterly Shopping Index that in Q2 of 2020, global digital revenue had grown by an unprecedented 71% compared to the previous year. Other metrics such as traffic (+37%), conversion (+35%), and spend (+34%) had all experienced historic increases in Q2 as well.

In the realm of print packaging, this shift is felt more than others. Even as states and businesses slowly try to reopen, it’s just not the same. As traditional brick-and-mortar shops and online start-ups set their sights on e-commerce, the demand for print packaging and custom boxes has increased significantly.

This abrupt shift in business model requires a long hard look in how products arrive at the hands of consumers. With the threat of COVID-19 and social distancing measures still in mind, buying patterns have favored contactless direct-to-door delivery – for groceries, medicine, food, and essentials. Simply put, the old way of doing business has become a relic of the past.

Packaging is essential Post-Pandemic

Packaging is an essential product
Amidst the doom and gloom however, packaging printing has stepped up to play an essential role during the COVID-19 crisis. Driven by the demand for direct-to-consumer options due to safety considerations, packaging has taken the front seat throughout the supply chain.

Now is the perfect time to revisit your print packaging process and streamline workflow with e-commerce in mind. As a company, you can’t afford to look at just the origin and destination, point A to point B of your packages, anymore. It’s important, more than ever before, to look at it from a macro perspective. Delivery services can toss your products inside shipping boxes and send it out. Dings and dents accrued during the shipping process shouldn't be indicative of your product’s quality. Even at this early stage, your packaging should be able to survive the trip and reach your customers unscathed. Unboxing should be a pleasant (and delightful) experience, not one to cringe at.

Unboxing the "New Normal"

A New Normal of Packaging
With no vaccines on the horizon, staying at home is the most prudent thing to do. This means that more and more people will be browsing the Internet and buying online. Make sure that your company is fully equipped to handle online orders with the right packaging.

Print custom boxes that fit your products perfectly. Don’t settle for boxes that are too big or too small. It has to fit like a glove to minimize incurring dings, scratches, and damage during transit.

Design print packaging that commands attention. With everyone trying to sell online nowadays, you have to stand out to survive. Print your box red (or blue, pink, or even white). Add a glossy lamination finish. Make the mere sight of your packaging a memorable one.

Be sustainable. During the pandemic, sustainability has somewhat taken a backseat due to the sheer volume of packaging material needed. With some semblance of normalcy restored, making sustainable packaging options to go with your products shall a long way in leaving a positive environmental footprint.