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Nothing shows professionalism and reliability more than well-made business cards. Wherever you go, create a lasting impression with fast business cards from NextDayFlyers. Our ordering process is quick and easy, allowing you to save time and stay on top of your business.

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Customize with Unique Shapes and Quality Cardstock

Fast-Track Your Business

When an opportunity comes, we won’t leave you unprepared. NextDayFlyers guarantees that we can get your business cards printed on time, or it’s on us.
Place and confirm your order by 10am on weekdays and your order will be ready for shipping as early as 5:30pm on the same day.
Here’s what you need to know to help you create the right custom business card.

From popular to premium, we offer three choices for cardstock.
  • 14 pt. cardstock
  • Our go-to choice for standard and slim business cards. This budget-friendly option doesn’t compromise on quality and aesthetics.
  • 16 pt. cardstock
  • Our recommended cardstock for its heftier weight, which provides a professional look and feel. This is slightly thicker than the 14 pt. cardstock.
  • 17 pt. cardstock
  • Our thickest option for business cards. This comes with an uncoated surface that easily absorbs ink from ballpoint pens and permanent markers.
Add a layer of protection or highlight your designs.

A gloss coating adds shine and catches the light. This also protects your cards from scuffs and scratches. It’s only writable with permanent ink.

High-Gloss UV
This finish is similar to gloss coating but with even more shine and added UV protection from external elements. Colors appear more vibrant, but the surface is not recommended for writing.

This coating has a softer, more subdued appearance. Matte is perfect for enhancing minimal and elegant designs because it does not produce glare, unlike glossy cardstock.

What does same-day printing mean?
Same-day printing means that we can print your business cards on the same day that you confirm your order. This only covers our printing turnaround time and does not include shipping time, weekends, and holidays.
To get your business cards printed on the same day, confirm your order and upload your files by 10am Mondays through Fridays and your order will be ready to ship by 5:30pm the same business day.

What if I don’t make it to the cut-off time?
Don’t worry, we can have your business cards ready by 5:30pm the next business day. Be sure to place your order and upload your files by 6pm the day before.

What file formats do you accept for uploading business card designs?
You can upload files in JPEG, PNG, PDF, and TIF format. We highly recommend setting your file resolutions to a minimum of 300 dpi for crisp, high-quality results.

What is the most popular size for business cards?
The standard size for US business cards is 2” x 3.5” so that they can easily fit inside a wallet.
If you have trouble including all your information in this size, try printing on a folded business card, which offers twice the amount of space and folds to down to the same size as a standard business card.

What font size should I use for business cards?
It depends on your design and how much space you have available for text. For prominent information such as your name and company, we recommend 12 pt font size. For secondary text like your address and phone number, don’t go below 8 pt. font size. We recommend choosing sans serif and serif fonts that are easy to read.

What is the best combination of cardstock and finish for business cards?
It depends on your design and the overall identity of your brand. In terms of durability, we recommend 16 pt. cardstock with a glossy coating since it’s heftier and offers more protection from scuffs and scratches.

What should I check before uploading my design?
Check the following before you upload your files.
  • Images must be 300 dpi or greater
  • Color settings should be in CMYK for printing accuracy
  • File names should stay below 20 characters with no special characters
Otherwise, you may run into problems during the uploading process and experience a delay in your order. For same-day printing, make sure to upload files before 10am.

Do you send a proof before printing my business cards?
Yes. Before printing, we send a PDF proof file. This file simulates how your business cards will look like after printing. This helps you see if there are any errors or adjustments you need to make before you confirm the order.

What shipping methods do you offer?
We offer several shipping methods for your convenience, including postal services, courier services, air cargo, and freight. For more information, please contact our customer care team.

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Love the quality, service and prices and very easy to use the website!
- Fawcett
Easy process and the cards looks great. I will definitely use again
- Pete G
Super excited about the quality of the business cards! good prices!
- Campbel7