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Recyclable Material

Sustainable Solutions to Your Packaging Needs

Do your part in saving the planet. Choose our recyclable boxes for all your packaging needs. Whether you’re sending a gift or shipping a product, you can use our sustainably sourced and 100% eco-friendly custom boxes. It’s high time to go green. Purchase our recyclable boxes today!

Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Custom Boxes That Your Customers Won’t Refuse to Reuse

Wondering what your business can do to help save the environment? Our custom box printing is the perfect solution. From the material used in creating our boxes to the printing of the designs, we make sure that eco-friendly measures are taken to help reduce our waste. Top it off with a beautiful design and you’ve got boxes that your customers would want to keep and repurpose. You can even print instructions on your product packaging regarding the best ways to reuse the boxes.

Sustainably Sourced Boxes

Our custom boxes are sustainably sourced. They come from local mills and are composed of up to 65% recycled content to ensure that less trees are used in their production.

Since they are mostly made from cardboard, our boxes can be easily cleaned and dried so your customers can easily use them for other purposes. For instance, they can use the boxes as storage for a lot of different things like their collection of old CDs and DVDs, shoes and clothes, kitchen tools, and many more.

If your customers can’t find any use for your boxes, they can be flattened or cut into smaller pieces after cleaning them for easy disposing. Doing this can guarantee that your boxes will be recycled.

Going Green on Our Custom Box Printing

Aside from our boxes, we also found ways to make our printing environmentally friendly. We use soy-based inks that have fewer chemicals that can pollute the air. This allows us to produce high-quality prints and designs on your boxes with less carbon emissions.

When it comes to coating, we have moved away from traditional finishes that have toxins in them. We now use aqueous coating, which is a water-based coating that dries up faster and is more friendly to the environment. In terms of quality, they are practically the same with traditional coating. You can go high-gloss or matte to make your boxes dirt and scuff-resistant.


Can I design my own box?
You can use our intuitive online design tool that allows you to create your own custom box design directly on our website. Just click “DESIGN YOUR PRODUCT BOX ONLINE” once you are done customizing the specifications of your box.

Can I use my logo, tagline, or own images in designing my box?
Yes, you can. Once you have accessed our built-in design tool, you can see a toolbar on the left side of your screen and find several design elements that you can use in creating your own box design. Select “Add Logo & Images” just below the “Add Text” option if you want to upload your own photo or image. Make sure, however, that the file is in JPEG, PNG, PDF, or AI format.

How can I make sure that my design or artwork is good for printing?
Before printing, your design or artwork is reviewed by our team for free to prevent any technical issues or errors. If there are any adjustments to be made, we will reach out to you first. Once we are done with the corrections, you can approve the design so we can start printing.

Can I order a box with no design?
Yes. You can order non-printed boxes from our website. Just select “No Printing (blank)” from the “Printed Sides” dropdown menu.

Can I order a sample box first before ordering a batch? Yes, of course. We have no minimum order. You can order one (1) box to check the dimensions and inspect the quality of our printing. Turnaround time for our sample box usually takes 3 business days.