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Cardstock Boxes

Product Packaging That Sells Itself

Make your customers remember your brand even without seeing your product. Ideal for cosmetic boxes, candle boxes, and more, our cardstock boxes can be custom-designed to highlight your visual identity and help create a strong first impression. Start creating your custom boxes today!


Ensure Consistency in Your Branding With Custom Cardstock Boxes

The secret to effective branding is consistency. You need to be able to present the same visual identity on every collateral item that you use to promote your brand. This may include signages, gift cards, invitations, social media images, online ads, shop banners, and product packaging.

Our cardstock boxes can help ensure consistency in your branding through your product packaging. It can be fully customized starting from the colors and size to the most minor details like the placement of your logo. You can use them as packaging for cosmetic products, essential oils, wines, soaps, and many more. They can also be used as printed gift boxes for special occasions and events.

Custom-Fit Your Boxes to Your Product

Want your product secure and snug throughout its delivery? Need the extra space for packaging inserts? We got you covered. You can decide on the exact size of your cardstock boxes within the following ranges:

Length: 0.75" – 30"
Width: 0.75" – 20"
Depth: 1.75" – 20"

The measurements are for the interior of the box. Keep this in mind when customizing the dimensions of your boxes. Make sure you have enough clearance if you are going to add packaging inserts.

Durable Cardstock Materials to Choose From

We use high-quality cardstock for our custom cardstock boxes. It’s the perfect material to use if you want crisp, high-resolution print on your boxes. The colors are vivid and lively, making your product packaging ideal for display whether in your store or at special events.

Choose the thickness of your cardstock boxes depending on their application.

14 pt. Cardstock

  • Light, flexible, and sturdy
  • Suitable for small products like soaps and candles

18 pt. Cardstock

  • Neither too rigid nor too flexible
  • Can be used for medium-sized products

24 pt. Cardstock

  • Thickest cardstock that we have
  • Extra durable, made for heavier products like wines
  • Ideal for multiple products packed into one box

Design Your Cardstock Boxes in Five Easy Steps

Once you’re done selecting your specs (interior dimensions, paper, coating, printed sides, and quantity), you can choose to design your box online or use a professional design editor. If you choose the former, follow these easy steps to start designing your own box:

Step 1. Select “Design Your Box Online” to get access to our intuitive online design tool.

Step 2. Choose which side on the outside of the box you want to design first. You can start by designing the top or the lid of the box. You can see how it looks when the lid is closed through the 3D Preview.

Step 3. Customize the look of your box by adding design elements like texts, shapes or lines, and logos or images. All of these options can be found on the left toolbar.

Step 4. Modify the position of your design elements using the options found on the top toolbar. You can rotate, center, or even copy and delete each element.

Step 5. Select “Add Inside Printing” if you also want to customize the interior of your box. Once you’re done, you can either choose “Save Project” and return to it at a later time or proceed to check out by selecting “Add to Cart.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure the dimensions of my cardstock box?

Open the box toward you and then get the correct measurements based on the following:

Length is from the left to right side of the box.

Width is from the front to the back side of the box.

Depth is from the top to the bottom part of the box.

I’m designing my own cardstock box for my product. What information should I include in my product packaging?

You should put your product name, logo, and product description on your cardstock box. The exact weight of your product in the packaging must also be included.

Can I order a sample cardstock box before I decide whether to place a large order?

Yes, you can. Since there is no minimum order for our cardstock boxes, you can order 1 box first to check the size and design before committing to a large order.

How long does it usually take to print the cardstock boxes?

Production time and shipping typically takes 10-15 business days. You can expedite the production to 6-8 business days for an additional fee. If you are ordering a sample box, turnaround time is 3 business days. Take note that our cardstock box samples have no coating and have a lower print resolution when compared to bulk orders.

How do I know if my artwork is good for printing?

Every artwork uploaded on our website goes through a free artwork check. This is to make sure that there won’t be any errors and technical issues prior to printing. If we find any issues, we usually fix them or contact you if we require further action from your end.


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