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Poster Ideas

Posters are still one of the best tools to use for promoting your products and services. They are economical, effective, and unlike digital ads that your customers see every day on their phone screens, they are less likely to be ignored or subjected to banner blindness. Poster design plays a crucial part in this. It’s not enough that you know your customers well. You should be able to communicate with them or evoke their emotion through the colors, fonts, images, and other graphic elements in your posters. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, here are 10 poster ideas and tips that can inspire you in creating the perfect poster design.

10 Poster Ideas to Inspire You

1. Set the mood with colors
Colors are very powerful. Use them correctly and they can grab the attention of your audience and stir their emotions, thus amplifying the impact of your message. In these examples, you can almost feel the vibe and atmosphere of the two different music festivals because of their distinct color palettes.

custom summer posters


2. Go crazy with typography
Fonts are not only for conveying your message. They can be more than just text for people to read. They can also be used creatively to make unique poster designs as shown in the poster below.

custom poster 2
Typography is also highly effective for showing emotions. If you want to keep it professional and serious, use sans serif fonts. Script fonts that resemble handwritten lettering and calligraphy can be used to add elegance or playfulness to your poster design. But, regardless of the font that you want to use, the most important thing to remember is make your copy clear and readable even from a distance

3. Use the power of white space or negative space
One way to easily draw more attention to your poster is by using more white space or negative space in your poster design. The lack of visuals on the other sections of the poster will help create a central focal point, which allows your readers to quickly zoom in on the content of your poster.

custom poster 3

4. Be creative with your composition
Be as creative or as playful as you can with your composition. You can arrange the graphic elements of your poster to come up with a distinctive design or different perspective. Poster designs don't have to necessarily follow the usual layout where the image or artwork is in the center and the copy is above or below it.

5. Layer up
Want to create depth in your poster design? Layer your images, colors, and text. Overlapping graphic elements can help produce the illusion of levels or dimensions on your poster.

6. Create balance and symmetry
When in doubt, go with the old reliable balance and symmetry on your poster design. You can choose to create a center on your poster and then balance or repeat elements such as colors, images, and text on each half.

7. Play with asymmetry
If symmetry doesn’t work for you, go with the opposite. Play with asymmetry with your poster design. Move elements around and see if you can produce an interesting design without sacrificing the flow of your content.

8. Combine illustrations and photographs
Poster designs that combine real photographs and illustrations creates visually stunning posters. Use this style if you want to add cool imagery to your posters.

9. Use leading lines
Lines can provide emphasis to the important elements of your poster design. Whether straight or curved, lines can be used to direct or lead the eyes of your audience to the main sections of your poster as shown in the example below.

10. Produce design templates that you can use for different promotions or events
If you are an event organizer, business owner, or simply a marketer, it will help to have print-ready poster design templates that you can simply edit and then use for various purposes like the ones below. Create these templates or just download our free and professionally design templates here at