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1/4 Page Club Flyer

1/4 Page Club Flyers

Prices from $20.95

  • 4.125" x 5.25" finished size
  • Ready as soon as next day
  • Printing on both sides gives you plenty of space for photos and copy
1/2 Page Club Flyer

1/2 Page Club Flyers

Prices from $41.95

  • 5.375" x 8.375" finished size
  • Glossy UV coating or matte finish
  • Fast and easy online design and ordering
Full Page Club Flyer

Full Page Club Flyers

Prices from $78.95

  • 8.5" x 11" finished size
  • Two substrates to fit your budget
  • Same day, next day, and 2-4 day printing
Other Popular Sizes

Club Flyers by NextDayFlyers

One of the challenges of holding an event is spreading the word about it. An effective way to advertise your upcoming event is through the use of Club Flyers. These full-color and high-quality prints can help you inform guests about the details of your party or event, and convince them to attend. And because of their low cost, Club Flyer printing is an affordable way to maximize your marketing budget.

Our Club Flyers are available in a dozen varieties, including 6 sizes and 2 shapes, to help you promote your upcoming events with text, full color photos and graphic design. From a full-page size, down to a 1/8 page, you can design precisely what you need.

Full Color Custom Printed Club Flyers – Features and Benefits

    » Your flyer will get noticed using our 14 pt ultra-thick cardstock or 100 lb. gloss cover stock

    » Available with glossy UV coating or matte finish

    » Printing on both sides give you plenty of space for photo and copy


    » Ready when you need it: same day, next day or 2-4 days

    » Your flyers get a professional 33-checkpoint quality check by our team

    » Easy to use website helps you design and order your flyers

    » Guaranteed results: if it's not what you want, we happily reprint or refund your order

What our customers are saying:

“The flyers look great! Fast, quality printing with swift delivery. I will certainly continue doing business with NextDayFlyers.”

Dante M. San Diego, California

“Once again, an absolutely first class service. Like the annoying client I am, I phoned at the last possible minute to change the artwork. Not only did it all go through smoothly but the flyers were delivered early. Unbeatable. Well done and thanks.”

K.B. Ventura, California

“My flyers arrived a few days earlier than expected and they look amazing. The print quality, color and clarity of the images is excellent. I will definitely be re-ordering new flyers from NextDayFlyers. Thanks!”

Elsa F. Houston, Texas

Club Flyer Printing and Marketing Tips

Make your design enticing

using an appealing image, along with concise text. We offer several templates that you can use or draw inspiration from. Make your flyer something that people want to look at, pick up and act upon.

The purpose of your Club Flyer needs to be clear to your audience. Whatever the event you're advertising, that is the focus. Choose a design that gets your key information across, while catching the reader's eye.

- Photographs are great to promote your event. Pictures are proven to draw people in.

- Using color is highly advisable for your Club Flyer printing. Colors will help capture attention and get your message across in a memorable way.


The paper stock that your Club Flyer is printed on is important. Readers statistically deem heavier stock paper as “more important.” Think about the purpose of your flyer and your event. A flyer for a grand opening may require different specifications than one for a weekly event.

Target your Distribution

Flyers can be distributed many different ways, which adds to their value as an advertising tool. You can have them on hand for your current customers. You can pass them out on the street. You can post them on bulletin boards in the area. You can leave your Club Flyers at partner establishments.

Print on the front and back

With our option to print on both sides, you can easily make and distribute a two-sided Club Flyer. When designing your second side, avoid competing with your main message side. Use the second side to support, expand upon and enhance the message of your main side.

The second side could be used for:

  • A menu or comprehensive list of service
  • A price list
  • Promotional offers or coupons
  • A locator map with driving and parking directions
  • Customer testimonials
  • Photos of your business or event
  • An "I" section (e.g. talk about yourself, your qualifications, your values, your personal commitment)
  • Relevant news/your latest press release
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions