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 9 x 12 Presentation Folders

9 x 12 Presentation Folders

Prices from: $410.95

  • Bright 14 pt glossy or matte cardstock
  • 4” pocket on one side (right or left), or 4” pockets on both sides
  • The professional way to present your business and marketing materials
6 x 9 Presentation Folders

6 x 9 Presentation Folders

Prices from: $418.95

  • Sturdy 14pt card stock with UV gloss or matte coating options
  • Select business card holder on one or both pockets
  • Customize with your own logo, business card, and company message
4 x 9 Presentation Folders

4 x 9 Presentation Folders

Prices from: $398.95

  • Print on sturdy 14pt card stock with matte or glossy coating
  • Customize with your full- color logo and graphics
  • Mini-folders for custom invoicing, brochures, and hotel key cards

Other Popular Sizes

Presentation Folders by NextDayFlyers

Print custom pocket folders for professional sales reports and marketing materials for your business. Get vibrant, full color presentation folders and customize them with your own logo, graphics, business card, and documents to create successful company packages and promotions.

Folder printing is not only easily affordable at NextDayFlyers, but the end product is about as professional as it gets! Printed in high resolution offset quality on sturdy 14pt card stock with UV gloss or matte coating options, we provide folder printing for businesses that need to impress their clients.

Our pocket folders are the ideal product for creating polished presentations and represent a practical solution for organizing your important papers. Custom folders ensure that important data and documents are bundled away in one delightful package, ready to present to clients and customers.

When you choose NextDayFlyers for your folder printing needs, you guarantee your marketing, business, and legal presentation folders get the exceptional quality treatment they deserve. Your folders will undergo a 33-point inspection process to ensure your order runs smoothly from start to finish.


    » All sizes printed on 14pt ultra-thick cardstock

    » Choose from 4/4, 4/0, and 4/1 color options

    » Matte or UV gloss coating

    » Available in 9” x 12”, 9” x 14.5”, 6” x 9”, and 4” x 9” standard sizes

    » Select pockets on one side (right or left), or both sides

    » Slit for business card: inside right pocket, inside left pocket, or both pockets

    » 2-4 days printing turnaround on our folder products

What our customers are saying:

“Great job as always. Thanks!”

Cynthia A. Cincinnati, Ohio

“I love NextDayFlyers. Printing is fast, and customer service is always friendly!”

Jet S. Kirkland, Washington

“Amazing product, excellent color matching, on-time delivery…I'm so glad I've found NextDayFlyers, and I'll keep referring clients and friends to your service!”

Angela W. Saint Paul, Minnesota

Marketing Tips

Pocket folders are the ideal product for business presentations, corporate giveaways, b2b promotions, legal documents, and every other marketing purpose in-between!

Here’s a quick guide to some folder printing uses that you may not have considered:

Press Kits

Use pocket folders as campaign kits for press and media releases. Media, political, marketing, and other businesses use presentation folders to organize and distribute information packets for new products, movie releases, and other information they want to share with media and news sources.

Sales Presentations

Sales people use presentation folders as info packs to support the sale of their products and services. They can be used to carry and present brochures, sell-sheets, sample price lists, sales collateral, and other information. They are ideal for handing out on sales calls or mailing directly to clients.

Real Estate Papers

Put your closing papers, legal documents, and other important documents in a neat package to take to discussions and client meetings. Real estate agents often keep presentation folders handy to make document management easier and to ensure they are always carrying the right paperwork should there be an opportunity to make an on-the-spot deal. At NextDayFlyers, we provide 9 x 14.5 folders that fit all your legal sized documents.

Hotel Welcome Kit

Our 4x9 and 6x9 mini-folders make the perfect mini- package for custom printed hotel welcome kits. They have handy business card holder slits for key cards and two pockets to put welcome notes, receipts, room info, menus, and other marketing items. A custom printed welcome pack with your hotel logo is a classy and practical solution for hotel guests.