Print Table Tents - 5 x 5.5

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Print Table Tents - 5 x 5.5

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  • 5” x 16.5” (full-print size) folds to 5” x 5.5”
  • 14pt card stock with UV gloss or matte
  • Stands vertical with slits for easy-interlocking base
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Get Large Table Tents for BIG Table Promotions

5 x 5.5 table tents are the perfect product to display discount offers and other promotions where your customers gather. Print table tents from NextDayFlyers and create the most impressive promotions for your restaurant, bar, hotel, or event. Our large-format 5 x 5.5 table tents offer more room for your product and promotional message, and they’ll look good at any table. 

Choose us for your table tent printing and you’ll get a quality product that your customers will see instantly. Upload your full-color designs at our website and take advantage of our high-resolution offset print methods to produce clear and colorful 5” x 5.5” table tents. Customize your table tents and add your product or service details on one side, and the features and benefits of your offerings on the other side. 

Whether you need to print tent cards for an event or table advertisements for your bar or restaurant, we have the right product for you. Get yours at NextDayFlyers right now and start making your impressive and effective table promotions. 


  • Print table tents with ultra-thick 14pt card stock
  • Includes slits for easy-interlocking base
  • 4/0 color option (full-color outside)
  • 5” x 5.5” vertical (5” x 16.5” full-print size)
  • Coating options: glossy UV or matte

Marketing Tips 

A table tent is a very diverse marketing product that can be applied to many businesses and used to fulfill many marketing functions. Here are 3 popular ways to use table tents for your business: 

Drinks Specials and Special Menus 

Use table tents for any drinks, offers, or weekend specials you are planning. Our 5 x 5.5 table tents also make fantastic one-off menus for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Fathers Day, and other holiday specials. 

Sports Bar Menus and Game Schedule

Sports bars can use oversized table tents to put “big game” schedules on. Print table tents and use one side for menus and drink specials and the other for a handy customer guide to the weekly game times. 

Advertising Space for Other Businesses 

Something you may not have considered is using one or both sides of your table tents as advertising space for other companies and vendors. This sales tactic is often used by the managers of event companies, conference halls, hotels, and other businesses. 


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15-Point PrePress Check Process

15-Point PrePress Check Process

  • Resolution review
  • Size verification
  • Bleed verification
  • Safety review
  • Human verification of artwork matching the order specs
  • Color mode review - evaluate for major color shift
  • Check for white overprint
  • For orders requiring post-press work; verify scores, die-cuts, folding and mailing clearance
  • Preflight press ready files and final human inspection
  • Electronic verification of the files submitted to next work area
  • Electronic preflight checks: fonts, vector images, raster images, resolution, and color modes
  • InRip trapping for optimal print registration
  • Human verified order specifications
  • Human inspected order output
  • Human inspected order plating

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