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Table Tents For Restaurants - 4 x 8

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Table Tents For Restaurants - 4 x 8

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  • 4” x 24” (full-print size) folds to 4” x 8”
  • 14pt card stock with UV gloss or matte
  • Stands vertical with slits for easy-interlocking base
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Table Tents for Restaurants, Bars, and Point-of-Sale Promotions

4 x 8 table tents are ideal for displaying your product ads, discount offers, and other promotions. Use table tents for restaurants, hotels, bars, or for special events and celebrations. These table tents are also perfect for use as point-of-purchase marketing for retail stores. Ensure eye-appealing quality for all your promotional opportunities with 4 x 8 table tents from NextDayFlyers. 

With our high resolution print color and image quality, your 4x8 table tents won’t fail to capture attention from customers. Use them in your bar or as table tents for restaurants and see your customers take notice! With our thick stock and beautiful gloss and matte UV finishes, we supply superior table tents that are a vast improvement on the flimsy paper table tents that are offered by most other print companies. 

Customize your 4" x 8" table tents cards with your discount or product on one side, and your important features and benefits on the other. 


  • Print full-color 4 x 8 table tents on ultra-thick 14pt card stock
  • Choose UV gloss or matte coating
  • Full color outer printing
  • Interlocking base for easy assembly
  • Finished size is 4” x 8” vertical (4” x 24” unassembled size)

Marketing Tips 

Use 4 x 8 table tents for marketing your business on every table and at every place where people gather. Used by restaurant owners, hoteliers, event planners and other companies, table tents get your business seen and encourage people to take action on your special offers. 

Here are some uses for table tents that you might not have considered: 

Testing a New Menu 

Table tents are a great way to introduce and test new menus, drinks, and dishes without having to reprint the entire menu. Many table tent options are designed to make changing out specific promotions easy and quick. 

Special Dates and Times 

Restaurant owners can use table tents to communicate their happy hour times, lunch hours, or late-night specials. With room on the back for a calendar, it’s also a great resource for advertising special events that are happening throughout the week, month, or season. 

Dessert Specials 

A 4” x 8” table tent is the perfect size for advertising a dessert, after-dinner coffee, or any other treat. With a captive audience, it’s easy to put the idea of dessert in a guest’s mind right when they sit down, and keep the idea in front of them during their entire meal. 


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15-Point PrePress Check Process

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  • InRip trapping for optimal print registration
  • Human verified order specifications
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