Print Custom Stickers - 2.75 x 8.5

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Print Custom Stickers - 2.75 x 8.5

Prices from $126.95

  • 2.75" x 8.5" finished size
  • Fast and easy online design and ordering
  • Add a high gloss UV finish to provide extra protection
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Print Your 2.75" x 8.5" Stickers with Us

Popular 2.75” x 8.5” stickers are a proven way of getting your message out to a wide audience. Print custom stickers with NextDayFlyers and be confident that you’ve chosen a sticker manufacturer with a commitment to quality. Our high-quality printing presses output beautiful color stickers on 60# matte paper with easy crack and peel adhesion. 

You can choose from multiple rounded and squared corner configurations for a customized look. Add a glossy UV coating to your sticker for extra protection from the elements. We also guarantee the quality of our orders. 


  • Print custom stickers in color with optional UV finish
  • No sticker printer works harder for your business
  • Finished size of stickers is a generous 2.75" x 8.5"
  • Stickers are printed with turnaround times of next day and 3 day printing.

Marketing Tips 

Stickers can go viral and become as much a part of the culture as television ads. One way to help your sticker go viral is to come up with a great slogan. Just like on the web, you’re looking to hook viewers into the social element of stickers. A great slogan encourages others to participate through repetition; people adopt the slogan as their own and repeat it by placing it on their own vehicle or other property. 

A great slogan can be a question, a proclamation, or an exclamation. The key is that it be short and catchy. You want others to see it and respond mentally by saying, “Me, too!” Print custom stickers in contrasting colors to makes your message easy to see. Our sticker printer and sticker paper handle color exceptionally well, so your printing project will always come out looking sharp. 

If you’re a large organization and need to place a big order with a fast turnaround, we can handle your order! Chat with us live or call us with your special order requests. Choose a sticker manufacturer with great service – choose NextDayFlyers.


Next Step:

15-Point PrePress Check Process

15-Point PrePress Check Process

  • Resolution review
  • Size verification
  • Bleed verification
  • Safety review
  • Human verification of artwork matching the order specs
  • Color mode review - evaluate for major color shift
  • Check for white overprint
  • For orders requiring post-press work; verify scores, die-cuts, folding and mailing clearance
  • Preflight press ready files and final human inspection
  • Electronic verification of the files submitted to next work area
  • Electronic preflight checks: fonts, vector images, raster images, resolution, and color modes
  • InRip trapping for optimal print registration
  • Human verified order specifications
  • Human inspected order output
  • Human inspected order plating
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