Printing Postcards - 5 x 7

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Printing Postcards - 5 x 7

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  • 5" x 7" finished size
  • Printing on both sides gives you plenty of space for photos and copy
  • Choose either glossy UV coating or matte finish
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Printing Postcards

Choose 5x7 postcards for more space and greater impact. One of the most popular sizes for company owners, marketers and other business professionals, a 5x7 postcard gives you room to add multiple discounts, real estate listings, or promotional information.

Printing postcards with NextDayFlyers is a quick and easy experience. You can upload your postcards online or use one of our exclusive 5”x7” postcard templates to create a stunning postcard promotion. We also provide the quickest turnaround, and offer the most reliable delivery service in the industry.

Get the highest quality 5x7 postcards online at NextDayFlyers. We print high-resolution, offset-quality prints on thick 14pt stock or 10 lb gloss cover paper to make your postcards brilliantly clear, colorful and durable.

Printing Postcards – 5x7 Postcards


  • Clear and bright resolution – full-color offset prints (never digital)
  • More durable 14pt stock
  • Choose durable 14pt stock or vibrant 100 lb gloss cover
  • Design postcards online with our 5x 7 templates
  • Get the fastest turnaround – same day, next day, or 3 day


  • Delivering quality offset prints for the price of digital
  • Ensure print quality with our 33 quality checks
  • Best shipping record in the industry – 99.8% on-time delivery
  • Money-back guarantee – we ensure customer satisfaction

NextDay Printing Promise

NextDay is not simply a name; it’s a promise to our customers. If you have your prints ready and approved by 6 PM PT, they will be ready to pick up or ship the next business day.

Postcard Marketing Tips

Clear and Simple Design for Successful Postcards

The graphics on your direct mail promotions should always look attractive but they should also be simple and uncluttered. By using graphics and typography, your design should create a clear eye path to guide the viewer to all the information they need to act upon your business message.

Here are 3 design suggestions that you should consider before creating your 5x7 postcard design:

Using Space

Creating an easy eye-flow is impossible without space. To keep your design attractive and pleasant to look at, don’t try to fill in all the blanks (negative space) with images and graphics. Too much imagery is confusing. If you can’t immediately see the headline, offer and call-to-action, then the design isn’t working properly and the mailer could end up in the trash without even being read!

A Strong Image

The simple fact is that a viewers mind can’t process lots of pictures as easily as one powerful image. When it comes to advertising, less is usually more! Using too many images creates what is known as “friction” – where the eye can’t focus on one message and is confused by multiple visual messages. Use images only when you need to communicate something important about your business or offer.

Using Text

Always be aware of the following when creating your copy:

  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Copy placement

A design can be ruined by an unreadable font. To make sure that all your copy gets read, try not to choose overly elaborate fonts. If someone has to struggle to read your promotion, then your design has failed! Consider the following:

  • Use a clean body-copy font style - serif and san-serif fonts such as Baskerville or Avant Garde are elegant and timeless
  • Your font should be no smaller than 9pts to be easily read
  • Place text on a contrasting background – avoid dark colors on dark colors (blues on blacks) and lights on lights (yellows on whites)
  • Avoid placing your text on pattern or texture – place your text on a flat color space with plenty of space around it

Once you have an effective and appealing postcard design, upload and print your postcards online at NextDayFlyers. We ensure that you receive a thick and durable postcard product of clear and brilliant color quality.

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