3.5 x 8 Magnetic Calendars

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3.5 x 8 Magnetic Calendars

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  • 3.5" x 8" finished size
  • Printed on your choice of 20 or 25 mil magnet stock
  • Made with eco-friendly, recycled materials
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Magnetic Calendars That Give Your Message Staying Power

Individually, calendars and magnets are two marketing tools that can bring a significant return to your marketing strategy. When you combine them into one product, you end up with a promotional tool that is twice as dynamic! Magnetic calendars are unique products that add value to your already unique message, increasing the lifespan of your marketing piece. 

Your marketing calendars will be printed on quality 20 mil or 25 mil magnet stock. With our speedy service, it’s never too late to place an order for magnet calendars. The days of stressing to get your order weeks or months in advance are over. Your magnets can ship as fast as the next business day and are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


  • Full color front to make the best impression
  • Eco-friendly magnetic calendars are made with recycled materials
  • Printed on light 20 mil or moderate 25 mil magnet stock
  • Includes a laminate coating for durability and protection

Marketing Tips 

Magnetic calendars are essential marketing pieces for organizations that need to promote a schedule of events. 

Theatre Company Magnets 

It’s perfect for a theatre company that needs to advertise an upcoming season of shows. Design a magnet with a calendar agenda that highlights both your major productions and your smaller presentations. Add the magnet to the welcome package for all your new members, and send it to all your existing members with detailed descriptions of each show. The magnet calendar allows your members to keep your schedule visible at all times so they never miss any of your shows! 

Museum Magnets 

An art gallery or museum could use marketing calendars as a unique way to promote their upcoming exhibits. A magnetic calendar would also be a great souvenir to sell in your museum’s gift shop. Add images of the best pieces in your collection to the top of the magnet and put a calendar on the bottom half. Make sure you also add your logo, website, and address so people know where they can see the original works of art as they are admiring your stunning magnet! 


Next Step:

15-Point PrePress Check Process

15-Point PrePress Check Process

  • Resolution review
  • Size verification
  • Bleed verification
  • Safety review
  • Human verification of artwork matching the order specs
  • Color mode review - evaluate for major color shift
  • Check for white overprint
  • For orders requiring post-press work; verify scores, die-cuts, folding and mailing clearance
  • Preflight press ready files and final human inspection
  • Electronic verification of the files submitted to next work area
  • Electronic preflight checks: fonts, vector images, raster images, resolution, and color modes
  • InRip trapping for optimal print registration
  • Human verified order specifications
  • Human inspected order output
  • Human inspected order plating
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