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Custom label printing is one of the most versatile promotional tools. Wine and beer bottle labels grab a customer’s attention, while mailing address labels are used to personalize your product packaging. Here at NextDayFlyers, we offer both cut-to-size and roll labels. Whether it’s custom labels for food packaging, branding products, or even items at home, our wide range of sizes and materials let you create quality labels, ready for shipping in just 24 hours.

Custom Cut-to-Size Labels

Cut-to-size or individually cut labels are separated by piece and cut in the shape according to your design. This type works best for low quantity orders. We use die-cutting technology to ensure every label shape follows the specs of your design. Learn more about die-cutting with this helpful guide. Print cut-to-size custom labels to organize your home. Categorize important documents, label kitchen cabinets, and even personal items. These labels are great for mobile gadgets like laptops and cellphones.

Roll Labels for Fast & Easy Application

Roll labels are normally applied in large quantities with a label dispenser. These are easier to peel even for manual application. Order up to 100,000 labels in any of the four available shapes: circle, oval, rectangle, or square. Square and rectangle custom labels come in rounded corners to give your design a unique look. Recommended for centered images like your brand logo. Since they produce less waste and are faster to apply, roll labels save businesses more time and money. One perfect example is asset tagging. It’s easier to label all your office tools and equipment with roll labels.

Custom Materials and Finishes

We have a variety of indoor and outdoor adhesives for you to choose the right kind of label for your brand.
Individually cut labels offer two (2) options:

70 lb. label material is perfect for indoor use. It comes in a natural glossy finish, but you can choose between matte and high-gloss UV coating for added protection.

White vinyl material is very durable and works well for products exposed to heat, water, and outdoor elements. Use white vinyl on water bottles, medicinal products, and even computer labels.

Roll labels have three (3) options:

White premium sticker paper is a popular choice for indoor applications. This pressure-sensitive adhesive comes in a semi-gloss finish, but you can top it off with more gloss or a muted matte coating.

Biaxially-oriented polypropylene or BOPP material has the same properties as plastic, which makes it oil-resistant and waterproof. Great for food and product packaging that you’ll need to refrigerate. BOP custom bottle labels using waterproof, oil- and chemical-resistant white, clear, silver metallic, and rainbow holographic BOPP. Your BOPP choice will depend on your preferred finish for the label design: white for a solid background, clear for that see-through effect, and silver metallic for a foil-like appearance.

Estate adhesive paper material comes uncoated with a natural texture. This is widely used for wine bottles and products with elegant designs. You can read more about white vellum, white laid, and white cream textures here.

Ready to order? NextDayFlyers assures fast, high-quality personalized label printing. Upload your ready-made file or use our professional design service to help you get started. Select next-day printing and your labels will ship out within 24 hours. If you have questions, just give us a call at 855-898-9870, Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT and our customer service team can assist you.

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Does the printing turnaround include the delivery time?
Printing turnaround is the time it takes for us to print and prepare your order for shipping. This does not include weekends, holidays, and shipping transit time. To find out your shipping transit time and the available delivery dates, click on “Get Delivery Estimate” under “Printing Turnaround” then input your ZIP code.

How many custom labels can I order?
You can order as few as 25 up to 100,000 labels. We recommend choosing individually cut labels for fewer quantities and roll labels for orders of 250 pieces and above.

How do I print my custom labels?
Our ordering process is fast and simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Use the order calculator to select your preferred type of label, size, quantity, material, and other specifications. Be sure to indicate your preferred turnaround time.

2. The order calculator will give you an estimated cost for your order. If you are satisfied with the order information, you can proceed with uploading your design.

3. If you don’t have a design yet, click “Create Design Online”. You can browse some customizable design templates for inspiration.

4. Click Customize on a design or blank template to use the online design tool. Use the toolbar to upload your logo, add images and text, and change colors.

5. After designing your labels, click “Save As” and add a project name.

6. Click “Proceed to Order” and select your design under the Saved Designs tab. Follow the rest of the order process.

How much do custom labels cost?
The best way to calculate the total cost of your custom labels is to input your label specifications and get an estimate from our calculator above. Our standard custom labels start at $13.95.

What is the difference between labels and tags?
Usually, labels have adhesive and they are most of the time the main carriers of your brand name while tags are usually hung onto the product and do not have adhesive on.

Can I have the label customized according to my preferred shape and size?
Yes, you can have the label printed according to your design’s custom shape. Choose the custom shape option under “Application” for both individually cut and roll labels.

How much does it cost to print custom labels? The price depends on what label size, material, and quantity you choose. The more you order, the cheaper the price per piece. For example, individually cut 3” x 3” labels printed on waterproof white vinyl cost only 31¢ each for 250 pieces. If you order 500 pieces, the price lowers to 16¢ per label. You can get a quick quotation using the order calculator.

Get Started With Design Templates

Browse our free label design templates that you can easily customize with our online design tool. Just add your logo, change the text, and make it your own. Choose from a wide selection of industry label designs for food, drinks, and other popular products.

Here’s how to customize labels on the website:

Step 1. Choose a design template and click Customize.
Step 2.Use the design toolbar to add your own images, insert shapes and text, change colors, and more.
Step 3. Click Preview, Save, and Proceed to Order once you’re done with the design.

Written by: Leslie Taylor

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