Create Buzz for Your Business With Custom Flyers

Raise the bar with custom flyer printing. Versatile and inexpensive, custom flyers are a favorite advertising tool for businesses even today. Target specific locations and hand them out to your target customer demographic. Because they’re tangible, brands can get immediate visual impressions on potential clients. When used effectively with other promotions, good old-fashioned flyers can help you reach the right audience to help you grow your business.

Here at NextDayFlyers, our wide range of printing options lets you create flyers that stand out. Choose from our large selection of sizes and folding options to suit your promotional requirements. We offer full page, half page, quarter page, narrow page, and tabloid-sized flyers among others. Print flyers as small as 2” x 5.5” that can double as flyer coupons. Go for bold headlines and eye-catching graphics with size 11” x 17” flyers.

We use quality materials that customers will notice as soon as they get a hold of your flyers. For easy distribution, start with our lightweight but durable 70 lb. paper stock. It’s thicker and more substantial than regular copy paper. If you want to impress, take your flyers to another level with our thickest, premium 16 pt. cardstock.

Print flyers with us today and we can get them ready for shipping on the same day you order. Send us your design by 10 a.m. PT on Mondays through Fridays to get your flyers ready for pickup and delivery on the same day.

How to Customize Flyers With NextDayFlyers

Present your brand in the best way with the right material. We have six (6) paper and cardstock choices in different coatings and finishes for you to choose from.

70 lb. Paper

70 lb. Paper

  • A thin but durable paper that’s easy to hand out and keep
  • Comes uncoated on both sides, which can be written on with any pen, pencil, or permanent marker

80 lb. Paper

80 lb. Paper

  • Carries a slightly heavier weight and thickness than the 70 lb. paper
  • Easy to fold, hand out, and keep
  • Comes with shiny, gloss coating on both sides

100 lb. Paper

100 lb. Paper

  • Has the same thickness, texture, and rigidity as premium magazine paper
  • The thickest paper stock but is easy to hand out and fold for storage
  • Choose from elegant matte, shiny gloss, or extra shiny high gloss UV coating
  • Highly recommended for sending out in the mail

10 pt. Cardstock

10 pt. Cardstock

  • A durable and lightweight cardstock that’s easy to carry around and hand out
  • Comes in subdued, elegant matte coating, vivid-colored gloss, or extra shiny high gloss UV coating

14 pt. cardstock

14 pt. Cardstock

  • A sturdy cardstock that does not easily bend
  • Available in several protective coatings: shiny gloss or a muted and elegant matte on both sides.
  • Add an extra reflective high gloss UV on each side or complement it with an uncoated back.
  • Also comes in an uncoated surface on both sides for writability; gives your flyer a luxurious look

16 pt. cardstock

16 pt. Cardstock

  • Has a slightly heavier weight and thickness compared to the 14 pt. cardstock
  • Added rigidity protects it from creases
  • Comes in two protective coatings: the high-reflective, vivid-detailed gloss or the subdued and muted matte on both sides.

Don’t forget to add coating when you print custom flyers. We have matte and gloss options, but a high-gloss UV coating draws the reader’s attention to your flyers with a bright shine. Choose uncoated if you need the flyer to be writeable.

Get started on your custom flyers by uploading your design on the website. If you don’t have a layout yet, you can also try our easy online design tool.

If there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s fast and exceptional printing. Whether you order 25 pieces or 10,000, NextDayFlyers can have them ready for shipping on the same day. What are you waiting for? Order your custom flyers from us today.

Custom Flyers FAQs

How soon can you deliver my custom flyers?
If you’re in a rush, we can print have your flyers ship out from our facility on the same day that you confirm your order. Choose same-day printing turnaround and upload your press-ready fie by 10 a.m. PT on Mondays through Fridays to get your flyers ready for pickup or delivery on the same day. Printing turnaround only covers business days and does not account for weekends, holidays, and shipping times. Learn more about turnaround time and our production cut-off times.

What flyer printing services do you offer?
NextDayFlyers can print any type of flyer for your business needs and get them ready for delivery within the day. Our flyer printing services include full-color, back-to-back printing on different kinds of paper and cardstock. We also offer special flyer printing like metallic, die-cut, and silk-coated flyers.

How much does it cost to print flyers?
The cost for a full-color 4” x 6” flyer printed on 100 lb. gloss paper is 12¢ or $60.95 for 500 pieces. The price of flyers varies depending on your chosen size, stock, and quantity. The more you order, the lower the cost per piece. You can always use the order calculator to check the estimated price.

What’s the best paper for flyers?
For paper, we recommend 100 lb. in gloss coating. Durable but still lightweight, this paper is a popular choice for handouts and direct mail promotions.

Do you have flyer design templates I can use?
Yes, we offer design templates you can quickly edit to suit your brand. You can filter the designs by size, style, and industry. We also have downloadable blank flyer templates that you can access on the Templates Tab. These include predefined guidelines to help you create your design. Just choose your preferred flyer size and software file from the list.

Have a Press-Ready file?