Advertising Flyers - 4.25 x 11

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Advertising Flyers - 4.25 x 11

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  • 4.25" x 11" finished size
  • Printing on both sides gives you plenty of space for photos and copy
  • Our experts review every print project
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Make a Splash on the Street with 4.25” x 11” Flyers

Whether you’re passing them out on the street or leaving them behind, these advertising flyers are sure to get people’s attention. Versatile and convenient, these 4.25” x 11” flyers can be used as church flyers, business flyers, or event flyers. The long format provides enough space for photographs and text, and both sides can be printed in full color if you desire. 

You can download a design template to your desktop that contains correct file size, bleed, trim marks, and color profiles. Once you’ve completed your design, upload it and choose between 100 lb glossy paper, 70 lb uncoated opaque paper, or 80 lb gloss book depending on the look you want to create. 

Use our “no surprises” online calculator to determine the exact cost of your flyers. You can choose from various print options, including 3 day, next business day and even “ready today” when you get your order in by 10 am PT. 


  • 4.25” x 11” flyers have options to print in color on both sides
  • Long format is great for advertising flyers
  • Preferred size for many church flyers
  • Available via 3 day, next business day, and even same business day print turnaround options

Marketing Tips

Get the word out quickly and easily with 4.25” x 11” flyers. Their size makes them great handouts for anyone looking to spearhead a street promotion, including:

  • Bar and club promoters
  • Event, festival and fair promoters
  • Music venue or band promoters

These versatile flyers can also be used to quickly redirect public traffic to a nearby event, such as a:

  • Voter registration drive
  • Real estate open house
  • Outdoor performance

4.25” x 11” flyers are a great way to promote your organization or business. Print up church flyers for door-to-door visits, or keep some on hand for first-time visitors and other inquiries. Or, try creating some advertising flyers for your store. Leave them at coffee shops, gyms, community centers, and other locations. Whatever you can dream up, you can print!


Next Step:

15-Point PrePress Check Process

15-Point PrePress Check Process

  • Resolution review
  • Size verification
  • Bleed verification
  • Safety review
  • Human verification of artwork matching the order specs
  • Color mode review - evaluate for major color shift
  • Check for white overprint
  • For orders requiring post-press work; verify scores, die-cuts, folding and mailing clearance
  • Preflight press ready files and final human inspection
  • Electronic verification of the files submitted to next work area
  • Electronic preflight checks: fonts, vector images, raster images, resolution, and color modes
  • InRip trapping for optimal print registration
  • Human verified order specifications
  • Human inspected order output
  • Human inspected order plating

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