6 3/4 Remittance Envelopes

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6 3/4 Remittance Envelopes

Prices from $132.95

  • 6.5” x 3.625” finished size with side-seam for more printing space
  • Full-color (front) on 70lb uncoated opaque paper
  • Inkjet and laser print friendly - use for fundraising
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Make Fundraising Easy With 6 3/4 Remittance Envelopes

The right envelope can make a big fundraising project easier. These 6 3/4 remittance envelopes are the right size and shape to help. With fundraising being one of the main ways for financing projects, especially for government committees and nonprofit organizations, it is crucial to request donations from a wide variety of sources, including individuals, businesses, and other charitable organizations to fund these projects.

Facilitate your project fundraising with remittance envelopes, by making it easy for investors to give you donations. With the 6 3/4 envelope size, they can easily put cash and checks securely inside.

For a higher response rate, try mailing additional information about your fundraising effort, along with a remittance envelope. Including a flyer with a short description of your cause is helpful. This will give your recipient an idea of what type of organization you are and why your cause is important.

You can also upload a personalized envelope design with us to increase brand recognition while requesting donations from potential investors. Print remittance envelopes with your organization's logo or a customized message to your recipients for added impact. Give out these remittance envelopes at speaking events, fundraising engagements, annual reports, and in newsletters.

The flexibility of a custom envelope also lets you gather the donor's personal information. With it you can reach out to them with thank you notes, for additional campaigns, and use it for research and analysis as well. Don't forget to ask them if they want to be updated with the status of your project. Most donors like to know how their donations are put to use.

Our 6 3/4 remittance envelopes are made using full-color printing on 70 lb. uncoated opaque paper. This is perfect for writing personal appeals to donors. Order from 100 up to 100,000 envelopes, and they will be ready in as little as 1 day.


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15-Point PrePress Check Process

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