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Wine shop marketing campaign features humorous poster

A wine shop in Massachusetts is getting attention with a unique marketing campaign that takes a lighthearted jab at a neighboring state's governor.

The Wine Connextion in North Andover, Massachusetts, is only a few miles from the state's border with New Hampshire – where residents have been known to travel to purchase alcoholic beverages at a lower cost.

Co-owner Tina Messina told the Eagle Tribune that the shop wanted to find a way to emphasize the fact that its prices were even lower than those in the Granite State, so they had a poster printed of New Hampshire Governer John Lynch – with his face crossed out.

"It was our customers that were coming and in telling us, 'Hey, you're cheaper than New Hampshire," Messina told the paper. "We were like, 'OK, let's call out the governor.'"

She insists that the idea is meant to be funny and is "not political by any stretch of the imagination."

The poster was placed in the store, and though the marketing campaign hasn't expanded to flyers or postcards yet, the paper reports that some customers are getting promotional buttons with the same image on them.

New Hampshire does not currently have a general sales tax. This often leads shoppers from the northern parts of Massachusetts to travel there hoping to avoid the 6.25 percent tax they face in the Bay State.

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