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Will You Survive Thanksgiving Dinner? (The Most Argumentative Time of the Year!)

Thanksgiving dinner is STRE’E’EEESFUL!!! It’s supposed to be a joyous time for sharing and being thankful but invariably ends up with a bunch of rows, arguments, and falling’s out! To many families across the country, a turkey dinner is nothing more that a poisonous bird full of old grudges, animosity, and bad feelings.

To test whether you will survive this years Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve concocted a quiz that will determine whether or not you’ll get through Thanksgiving with a smile on your face and a beer in your hand, or end up getting carved up with the turkey. Will your children fight, your in-laws storm out, and will your partner want to throw you out with the turkey dinner leftovers? Let’s see if you’re brave enough to test your Thanksgiving mettle in this quiz that reveals your chances of Thanksgiving survival during the most argumentative time of the year.

Did you like the Quiz? What did you get? What picture did you see?

This quiz was a bit of fun, but the reality of Thanksgiving dinner ending in disaster is all too common. Share your result with us in the Facebook section below and let us hear your own terrifying Thanksgiving stories and experiences;  Thanksgiving can be a beautiful thing when families get together in perfect harmony but it’s a better story when people end up in police stations or fighting-it-out on the front lawn! Or maybe you have the season figured out and have some sage words of advice for people cooking Thanksgiving dinner or putting on a special event? If you have any great recipe ideas, decoration ideas, or tips on coping with difficult family members, please share! We could all use a bit of guidance in this stressful Thanksgiving season.

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