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Why You Should be Gung-ho about Greeting Cards

Greeting cards stand out among the reams of junk mail we all receive. They are nice to look at (when done well), are a quick read, and make us feel good – perhaps because we associate them with happy announcements like weddings and parties.

According to a Hallmark Business Expressions survey, about two-thirds of the people said that when businesses send greeting cards showing “appreciation for a purchase or referral, the consumers are more likely to do business with the company again. Almost 75% said that they appreciate the gesture and they feel like the company really cares about them.”

Use Greeting Cards to Connect, Not Sell

Greeting cards are about enhancing relationships so don’t make the focus of your message all about selling. It’s okay to add value – such as including a coupon or promotional offer, but it’s best not to do it every time. You want your customers to enjoy getting your company greeting cards – not to feel like, “Oh, another sales pitch.”

Greeting Card Uses

Seasonal Greetings are fun, but don’t end your thoughts of greeting cards there because this humble card has much more potential. You can use them for:

  • Ongoing customer communication
  • Client follow-up
  • Specific customer events such as birthdays or milestones
  • Thank yous for purchases or referrals
  • Simple but powerful, thinking of you, connection
  • Vendor communication and appreciation
  • Employee appreciation
  • Enhancing business relationships

Make Your Cards Personal

Greeting Cards are best when the recipient feels the card is personal to them.

  • Select or create a design that gives the mood you want
  • Use unique images
  • Add a meaningful photograph
  • Add a handwritten note if possible
  • Add a handwritten signature – signatures build trust

The quality and style of the greeting cards you send is a direct reflection of your business so they will either enhance or detract from your brand’s image in the customer’s mind. This means, don’t skimp on quality or presentation and there’s no reason to since custom greeting cards are not expensive and are easy to create.

Happy Holidays!

We print quality custom greeting cards. All our greeting cards come with linen envelops and we have some awesome templates you can easily personalize.

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One thought on “Why You Should be Gung-ho about Greeting Cards

  1. Dear Next Day Flyers,
    I ordered (custom designed)”Holiday Greeting Cards” for our client base this year. What a beautiful job you provided us!
    The price was great and they even came with envelopes so we didn’t have to scramble around to find envelopes to match. The colors were a perfect match to my proof, and the owner was very pleased.
    We have gotten a lot of compliments on the cards from our clients. And of course we told them where we printed them. I refer you all the time!
    Thanks so much Next Day Flyers, You Guys (and Girls) ROCK!!

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