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Why Flyer Design Doesn’t Work For Sell Sheets

Recently updated on April 4th, 2020 at 07:31 pm

3 steps to building a more effective Sell Sheet.

Most of us know what a Flyer is and what a good design might look like… one great graphic, a big bold message, no cluttered text or lengthy paragraphs. But when it comes to Sell Sheets, do the same rules of good design apply? The reality is that customers respond to Sell Sheets differently than they do to Flyers, so when you’re designing an 8.5×11 you need to know what you’re building and we’ve got some best practices to guide you.

1. Sell Sheets sell things – Flyers announce events.

Not always, but as a good rule of thumb. A Sell Sheet is usually a single page of information that is designed to sell a product or service as opposed to advertising a place or event. So if you’ve got a really hot club you’re opening – shoot for a Flyer with who, what, when and where. If it’s a really hot tub – you’ll need the Sell Sheet with specs, details and pricing.

2. Build a Layout that Allows for More Copy.

People tend to look at a Sell Sheet longer than a Flyer. So you’re allowed to put more detailed information. They’re already thinking “I’m interested, tell me more or tell me how much.” So provide more. Try a small pricing chart and a clean design with no more than 4 graphics that give you space for more text. Customers will expect more technical, rather than sales-focused information.1 Obviously, you’ll want to include room for your logo and a call to action at the top or at the bottom.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Add in the Details….Go crazy!

Okay, maybe not *crazy*, but you don’t need to shy away from copy! Think maximum of 3 paragraphs of text and be sure you don’t have too much solid text together 1– everything should be easy on the eyes.

For the copy, respond to the following questions1:

  • What will your product, service, or business do for the customer?
  • Why would the customer need what you are offering?
  • How will your product improve the customer’s life or business?
  • What is unique about your product – in other words, why should they buy from you?
  • How much does this amazing product cost?
  • What’s the call to action?

Tips and Uses for Sell Sheets

Sell Sheets are good for networking and presentations, trade shows, meetings, media kits, and mailings. This type of design is most effective if you’re handing it out in a place that relates to your business, where customers will have an established knowledge about you or the industry you’re in. Sell Sheets are less expensive than a full-blown brochure, so if you’re looking to get a lot of information in, it’s a safe investment. And always post your sell sheet on the web for easy downloading for potential clients! Whether it’s a Flyer or a Sell Sheet, good design always works, but design it for the purpose and you won’t have to work as hard.

Full disclosure – yes, of course we print sell sheets!



One thought on “Why Flyer Design Doesn’t Work For Sell Sheets

  1. I totally agree a flyer is and should be one great graphic experience. Bold messages with no cluttered text or lengthy paragraphs.

    I don’t know what it was but we went scouting around looking at everything on the market until we met these folks that really out performed all the others. Thanks again.

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