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When exchanging business cards, it is important to stand out

When it comes to personal networking, business cards are often seen as the primary marketing tool for today's professionals.

Even as social media and web resources allow for businessmen and women to log their information in one location for potential clients, partners or employers to view, business cards remain the most efficient personal form of business interaction.

However, because business cards are treated with such dignity, many professionals at networking events tend to go crazy with the process of acquiring cards, completely bypassing the conversation and acquaintance process that should precede the exchange of the actual card.

Accordingly, networkers should be careful not to overwhelm their peers or their own collection with too much contact information. Ultimately, the decision to launch a business relationship is built on a firm understanding of each party's aims. If the relationship is built on a hasty transaction of data, there stands little chance of interest in the future.

Tai Goodwin suggests professionals set themselves apart from the crowd.

"When someone asks for your business card, write a note on the back of it before you hand it over," he writes in Careerealism. "It could be a note about what you talked about, a reminder about why they asked for your information – something that jogs their memory as they go through the sea of cards they have in their collection."

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