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What is the state of direct mail?

With the popularity of digital and online marketing strategies such as email, social media and search engines optimization, many professionals have pined the death of direct mail. But, in reality, the medium is far from dead.

The emergence of new marketing formats has only forced direct mail to alter its course and narrow its targets. Blanket direct mail campaigns, for example, are no longer cost-effective strategies. Mailing lists and more research-oriented approaches, however, are becoming increasingly effective and competitive methods.

"Only when you allow direct mail to work with email marketing, your web site and online mediums like Pay-Per-Click will you maximize the return on investment for your marketing dollars," writes Joy Gendusa for Mortgage Professional magazine.

"With marketing today, there isn’t a solo action that will bring a stampede of clients through your door or make the phone ring," she adds. "When you plan to market, you must think with an integrated approach. You’ll see a big difference in your responses."

So the rise of other marketing mediums does not spell the death of direct mail; merely its evolution. But because there are changes afoot, marketers should be careful not to devote funds to dated campaigns, and should stay on top of industry trends and strategies in order to maximize their ROI and marketing potential.

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