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What’s Next?

2 Weeks ago, we began a monthly feature where we asked you, the blog readers, to send in your blog topic suggestions for a chance to have your idea featured as well as 100 FREE business cards for the idea.

Craig Bower from Design That Rocks ( is June’s (and the first!) winner with his topic suggestion – How print can supplement and help with social media marketing?

3 Tactics for Putting Print and Social Media Together

With all the recent talk about Twitter, and the marvelous and mixed claims about mobile advertising, the vital role of printed media can sometimes be overlooked. What print can do for you is help identify the elusive dollar sign and ROI in your Social Media efforts.

It’s really important to keep in mind what social marketing is all about. Seth Godin (Hail to the Chief) said it well – “Social media, it turns out, isn’t about aggregating audiences so you can yell at them about the junk you want to sell. Social media, in fact, is a basic human need, revealed digitally online. We want to be connected, to make a difference, to matter, to be missed.”1 Your print media should reflect that and be connected in tone and message with your social media.

Tactic 1. Direct Mail and the Integrated Marketing Message

Get personal. Use variable data printing to personalize your customer’s name to your mailer and make the action on the mailer visiting a personalized URL (PURL). When they visit their PURL, give them something back and invite them to join your blog for more prizes or information that relates to them. Personalizing “keeps the engagement going and helps close the sales cycle.”2

Tactic 2. Print + Digital = Reality in Motion

Our current world is a mad-paced combination of people moving between digital, mobile, steel and concrete all at once. “Physical and digital are really one and the same for today’s youth.”3 Steer away from stand-alone static print ads that give no reason for action or doesn’t “connect us to other things in the sphere of buying, sharing or creating.”3 Rather, create print media that is viewed as a physical link to the digital world, an invitation or branding opportunity.

Tactic 3. Use Social Media to Inform – Print for Technical Copy

When parts of your business require in-depth explanation, are educational or technical, consider using print4 to assist what you have online. The Internet is cool but it is not all fun and games for the brain. The flicker of computer screens makes processing online information more difficult compared with print. Plus, we read online text about 25% slower than print copy.4 So use your social media sites to notify customers about where they can get information they need. For example, they can download a whitepaper to print out or they sign up and you mail them the technical booklet or product catalogue.

Bonus Tactic – Social Cards

Advertise your Social Networking sites with printed social cards. Once upon a time, these were named calling cards. They aren’t as “dry” as traditional business cards so it’s your chance to get very creative. You might use your photo, a dynamite graphic or cool artwork, and then include your web or blog address, social network usernames, email or IM names.

The most effective integrated marketing campaigns do not use a single channel, but all tools on hand. Everything must be connected – from direct mail to social media sites to poster print advertising, ( click here ) to read more on poster print advertising). Using a combination of multiple resources ensure that your message is clear, concise and reaches your targeted audience.

If you would like to enter for your chance to win 100 FREE Business Cards by submitting your blog topic suggestion for “What’s Next?”, go here!


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