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Web Designers Can Prove a Lot With Printed Materials

People who professionally create text, graphics and pictures for the internet likely spend very little of their time off of the computer. After all – it is the medium on which they work and provides all the tools that they would ever need to hone their craft. Because web design is an interactive process, it would follow that there is little reason, if any for a web designer to ever spend any energy on printed materials.

However, some products, such as 4.25×11-inch flyers, provide interesting opportunities for such artists to show off their talents. Consider that printed materials are more static than the typical creation that these types of people might normally make. If an artist is able to convey her design ideas on a piece of paper or glazed stock, she has shown potential clients and employers how thoroughly talented she truly is.

At the end of the day, the abilities of a web designer will shine through no matter what medium she uses. Additionally, printed materials such as flyers allow these artists to showcase their portfolios and abilities to employers and clients who may not use the internet very much but would like to expand their operations onto that platform. Counter-intuitive marketing approaches can often be successful when carefully deployed, as web designers may find when using printed flyers.  

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