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Wal-mart adopts smaller ?green? business cards

Many Walmart employees are switching to smaller, more environmentally efficient business cards. The cards require less paper to make and cite that they have been “printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper.” Also, due to the smaller size, the cards reduce the amount of ink used.

The cards are not required among Walmart employees, but many are adapting them out of personal interest or a sense of responsibility.

“In the grand scheme of things, who knows how much it’s lowering our carbon footprint,” said Walmart spokesman Ryan Horn to the Wichita Business Journal. “But I think it’s a great analogy of the way we’re trying to go about what we do. How can we make a better business around being more energy efficient?”

The cards are actually about half the size of normal business cards, making it significantly more difficult to read the information within. But the initiative marks a response to growing concerns about environmental sustainability. Because of their power and influence, large corporations like Walmart are being urged by many to spearhead environmental awareness within the private sector.

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