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USPS to Launch Simpler Direct Mail Program

As mail services, particularly the U.S. Postal Service, have been forced to keep up with rising competition from digital marketing and communications alternatives such as social media, email and mobile technology, many in the industry are busy developing news ways to incite consumers to opt for direct mail over the competition.

Over the next few months, postmasters from around the country will hold a series of events designed to help local small businesses optimize their mailing strategies. The "Grow Your Business" events will serve as trial runs for a new service called Every Door Direct Mail, which basically forgoes permits and mailing fees and simplifies addressing requirements, according to the website Post And Parcel.

The U.S. Postmaster General is pushing to bolster mail volumes by improving customer service and experience.

While registration for the new service only went live last week, David Mastervich – manager of catalogs, periodicals and saturation mail for the USPS – told the source that the response has been positive.

"We're getting very, very good stories from businesses across the country, that this is fitting with exactly what they are looking for," he said. "They'll be small mailings, but I think there will be a lot of them."

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