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USPS Direct Mail Solutions

PhotobombImage5The United States Postal Service has launched a new campaign that illustrates the power of catalogs for both online and print transactions.

The campaign, Getting Started in Catalogs, includes an instructional DVD and live webinar tutorial featuring testimonials from companies including Zappos and Dell who share their stories of success after adding catalogs into their marketing plans.

A study by comScore found that two times as many catalog recipients made a purchase than those who did not receive a catalog, and catalog recipients accounted for 22 percent of website traffic and 37 percent of ecommerce dollars.

“Putting a focused, attractive catalog in the hands of your customers has a unique ability to engage their attention and prompts them to browse your site and place orders,” Steve Hernandez, acting vice president of sales for USPS said.

The United States Postal Service also offers Every Door Direct Mail, which caters to small businesses looking to market to their neighborhood without mailing lists. The business can label the items generically like “Residential Customer,” choose the neighborhood to send the materials to, and calculate postage with no extra fees.

Paul Vogel, president and chief marketing/sales officer for the USPS, said, “Direct mail has strengths other advertising media can’t claim- it’s personal, tangible, portable, manageable and measurable.”

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