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USPS Continues Efforts to Promote Direct Mail Marketing

The U.S. Postal Service is moving to promote its services and the role of direct mail in businesses' marketing strategies. Last month, the public agency launched the "Mail Work Guarantee" as a means of converting major advertisers into direct mail marketers.

That program was also developed as an attempt to combat consistently declining rates in usage and demand of First Class Mail.

"Direct mail is the most effective and measurable way to get a message to consumers, and we know it won't automatically go to a spam folder," Susan Plonkey, vice president of sales at the USPS, told Direct Marketing News. "Of course, a direct mail piece is only as good as its offer and targeting."?

Post Master General Patrick Donahoe also recently called upon businesses and advertisers to consider the medium in augmenting their own promotional strategies for the coming year.

Recent studies from the likes of Capital One and FedEx Office have shown small businesses are ramping up their marketing efforts, including print, to take advantage of rising consumer spending and improving economic conditions.

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