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Using keywords in marketing copy

The craft of copywriting is often overlooked in creating effective marketing material. One reason is because the web allows so many people to immediately publish their thoughts – a trend that seems to circumvent the strategic process of writing to communicate a specific marketing goal.

But the styles of web writing versus print writing have changed drastically over the past several years. Because the process of reading online can be a draining experience, web copy tends to be more brief and succinct. Nonetheless, it is important to remember how keywords can affect your readers’ and consumers’ impressions.

"Nothing is more compelling than speaking in a prospect's language – describing their own desire or pain to them in exactly the words they would use," writes Anne Holland for 'Do they say 'bicycle' or 'bike'? Do they say 'cheapest' or 'least expensive'? Do they want a supplier in the 'Kansas area' or the 'Midwest'? Do they yearn for the excitement of ‘new’ or the safety of 'guaranteed'?"

Aside from SEO purposes, keywords will help plug your business’ product or service into consumers’ thoughts. in addition, they will most likely not read every word of your copy, so repetition should not be a concern. Emphasize the central points of your product in the simplest way and consumers will respond.

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