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Using Direct Mail for Charitable Purposes

Sometimes, the most effective marketing campaigns boil down to good public relations, and there is perhaps no better publicity than philanthropy. Customers that appreciate a thoughtful charity drive or philanthropic initiative are more likely to become customers. Such a strategy can also benefit brand exposure through word-of-mouth.

Another tactic that may improve a business' image among demographics is to create a donation in the name of certain customers, as this will not only improve the company's reputation but its customers' as well.

"Customers can respond through a postage-paid postcard, an email or a personalized URL that takes them to their own landing page," writes the blog Print Strategist. "You simply divide the money by the percentage of votes and have the charity send a recognition letter to each participant without stating the amount of the gift."

Direct mail and print media may be the ideal promotional platforms for generating good PR, as they have the potential to reach new markets and demographics in a manner that cannot be matched by digital.

If your company decides to launch a charitable drive, consider using direct mail to spread the word about the campaign.

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