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Try to Entertain Prospects With Brochures

Most marketing experts recognize the value of print material in engaging customers and prospects, but many may not realize how such promotional items grab peoples' attention. Too often marketers develop bland postcards, brochures and mailings that do little more than inform recipients of a product or service.

Grocery retailer Trader Joe's is an example of a company that has put a unique spin on traditional marketing concepts. It's so-called "Fearless Flyer" newsletter is relied upon as one of its main promotional items and combines the informative aspect of a brochure or newsletter with the entertaining appeal of a comic strip.

"You'll find quotes, whimsical images, valuable information and even a 'Handy Flyer Shopping List' that you can cut out and take with you when you shop to remind you of what to buy," Denise Lee Yohn writes for the Business Insider. "It's also the kind of brochure that you hang onto rather than file away in the circular recycling bin."

The important thing small businesses should remember is that consumers respond to uniqueness. Not only will a novel marketing strategy help differentiate your company from others, it will help build a business culture.

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