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Tips To Make Your Business Card Pop

Business News Daily recently identified tips on how to turn a business card into a lasting first impression. Oliver Munday, a graphic designer who specializes in business cards, told the news source there are five factors that can make a business card shine.

The business card must grab the receiver's attention instantly. According to Munday, a business card is very small and is passed on in an instant. The card must have a bright color, textured material or catchy pattern so the recipient pauses and remembers who gave it to them. As well as grabbing the receiver's attention, the card must also engage them and form a connection. This will help in making sure the card creates an imprint in the receiver's mind. They will remember the card, thus remember the card's owner.

Munday said placing some sort of positive emotion into the design is a way to break the ice and create a sense of comfort or familiarity with the recipient. Try making the card humorous or lightly sentimental. He also recommends keeping it simple. It may seem like it takes a lot of bells and whistles to make a business card pop, but cards should not be cluttered with too much design or text. The main message still needs to be easily located.

Finally, Munday said to focus on the main goal of the business card. It should drive the recipient to contact the owner of the card, access their website or work with their company or organization. The message of the card owner should be clearly and concisely relayed so it cannot be misunderstood.  

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