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Tips for Standing Out in the Troubled Real Estate Market

The real estate industry has taken something of a beating in recent years, as the housing markets collapsed and foreclosures soared, in many ways spurring the recession that followed.

While the sector is far from recovered, conditions are beginning to show slight improvements, suggesting real estate agents and firms need to bolster their marketing initiatives through far-reaching strategies that include print, direct mail, social media, quick response codes, search engine optimization and other promotional channels.

To begin, real estate professionals should move to reduce costs by cutting out extraneous expenses and optimizing administrative tasks.

"Outsource ministerial marketing tasks to your secretary," writes Stacy West Clark for the The Legal Intelligencer. "Make it a team sport! You do need help. Hire great secretaries or assistants and explain to them their vital role as part of your client service/marketing team."

Maintain a consistent social media presence, and be sure that clients or prospects can reach you easily and accessibly. For that matter, it may be a good time to invest in a new business card that you can hand out at industry gatherings, meetings or just out on the street. You never know when a sales opportunity may arise.

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