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Tips for More Efficient Content Marketing

Today's business environment is increasingly about the consumer. Social media and other web-based innovations have transitioned power to the audiences that businesses originally marketed to using one-way messages.

Now marketing is about conversations – it's about sharing relevant material with consumers, and this trend, although originating online, is also spreading to the world of offline and print marketing.

Content is the name of the game. Whether a business is sending an email, tweeting or handing out a brochure, recipients – being able to choose – will want materials that are relevant to their lives.

Writing for for the website Business2Community, Ahava Leibtag argues that drafting a simple checklist of content can help optimize one's content marketing strategies.

"By methodically moving down the basic details you need to attend to with every project with your decision makers, you may be able to solve problems more easily than you realized," Leibtag writes.

"Visual design, information architecture and usability combine to create user experience and are key in keeping users on pages," he adds.

Especially as print marketers move to stay in step with their digital competition, the need to be efficient and structured is more important than ever.

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