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Tips for launching an effective postcard marketing campaign

A postcard marketing campaign is an inexpensive way to maximize your company’s direct mail exposure. Postcards are cost-efficient and offer a visual incentive to delve further into the information provided.

However, because postcards are smaller than other print marketing mediums, it is often a good idea to entice audiences with special offers, discounts or sales. A captivating image may spark enough curiosity for consumers to take a look, but if there is no information that could directly benefit them, the chances that he or she will toss it aside increases dramatically.

“There are some people who will simply flip the card into the trash instead of flipping it over to read,” writes John Safin, a business marketing advisor. “Use the available space on the address-side to create curiosity or prepare the reader’s mindset to be conducive to your message. An open-ended question is a great way to spark interest.”

It is also important to note that just because postcards are inexpensive, it does not mean that marketers should frivolously and indiscriminately saturate postal services with them. The vast majority of consumers are likely to not take notice; it is the minority audience that marketers should seek to isolate and target in order to maximize exposure and minimize overhead{does the client sell postcards? You might wanna adjust this last bit to not be so negative if so…}.

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