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Tips for Creating a Sales Letter

When it comes to making a direct sales pitch to consumers – be they specific prospects or random mail recipients – newsletters may be one of the most effective means of communicating your company's message.

Sent via direct mail, a newsletter is short enough to appeal to prospects with limited time to peruse mail, while extensive enough to get a point across. Lengthy material should be reserved for brochures or pamphlets and distributed to prospects who have already expressed some sort of interest.

"The body of a sales letter should include benefits, facts, testimonials and specifics of whatever kind required," writes Dean Rieck for "However, the letter is not the place to dump every detail of your product or service. Its job is to make a personal connection with the reader and present a sales pitch."

Additionally, other direct mail items can appeal to consumers in different ways. For example, postcards or flyers should be used to pique the interest of consumers, incite them to visit a website or seek additional mailed information. They are also less expensive to print than brochures, thereby making one's marketing and advertising strategies more efficient.

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