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Tips for Creating a Personalized Direct Mail Campaign

Social media, email and other forms of web-based marketing afford businesses the ability to reach customers and prospects in a personalized manner. Direct mail, on the other hand, has traditionally been an indiscriminate form of marketing.

While such randomness can be effective in terms of reaching new audiences and prospects, direct mail marketers – for reasons stemming from cost to competition – may need to begin tailoring their mailings for individual consumers.

Of course, such an initiative will require a larger financial investment, but by embracing a greater level of efficiency, which is strikingly absent from most direct mail strategies, marketers may be surprised by how much more effective their campaigns can be.

"Spending less money but spending more per piece may sound like a contradiction, but it isn't," writes Michael Nealy for Dealer Marketing magazine. "Smaller mailings that use the best in variable technology are more expensive, but you get a far better return on investment."

"The more personalization you can add to each mailing piece," he adds, "the more relevant that piece becomes to the potential customer."

Even with a personalized direct mail strategy, marketers need to remember that today's most effective marketing campaigns utilize a range of mediums so as to maximize brand exposure.

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