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Tips for building a consumer base and keeping them satisfied

The poor economy has put most small companies on a tight budget, and marketers are feeling the cutbacks as well. But the market remains competitive so companies must find ways to continue to grow while cutting back on expenses. Business News Daily reported that small businesses can grow through marketing tactics such as reaching out to core consumers and asking for referrals.

According to the website, directly communicating with the consumers that products or services are specifically designed for can show consumers they are valued while ensuring the marketing messages are reaching the right people.

In an interview with the news source, Jim Hunter, founder of Foursight Consulting, said small businesses should be proactive when reaching out to consumers such as sending marketing materials or deals directly to their homes or passing out flyers and posters at spots in the community where the consumers frequent.

Referrals and feedback are important as well, said Hunter, as they provide companies with suggestions on how to improve. Companies can offer incentives and rewards for consumers who voluntarily provide insight to the product or service.

Business Insider recently reported that direct marketing materials should interesting content as well as a deal. Consumers are being marketed on many different channels now with the increase in communication mediums. So marketers need to make the marketing materials worth reading. They should offer the consumer valuable information, suggested tips or uses for the product or service or even testimonials from satisfied customers.  

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