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Tips & Bits #29 – QR Codes and Why You’ll Be Seeing A Lot More of Them

The QR code is more or less a two-dimensional bar code. The technology of QR codes is available to businesses of all sizes. They offer huge opportunities and have very little added costs to implement in a marketing campaign.

Quick Response (QR) codes are one of the hottest topics in mobile marketing today. This easy-to-implement technology allows mobile phone owners to scan two-dimensional barcodes and automatically access marketing content such as Web pages, videos, or games.

QR codes can also launch and pre-populate emails, add events into the phone’s calendar, and send marketers’ business card information directly into the phone’s contacts.

Not a passing fad, but growing exponentially!

People who think QR codes are a fad need to take a closer look. Close to three-quarters of all smartphone owners have scanned QR codes. That’s the reason why these codes are being embraced by today’s biggest national brands, from Calvin Klein and Louis Vitton to the National Football League, Ford Motor Company, and Best Buy.

While big-brand marketers are the most visible users of QR codes, their low cost makes them accessible to all businesses, from local restaurants to small neighborhood businesses.

QR codes allow prospects to respond immediately to marketing content no matter where they are or what they are doing. You find QR codes in magazine ads, in-store displays and truck signage, billboards, posters, and many other places.

By linking various off-line media to the Web, QR codes make print appear to be interactive media. QR codes help make print media a necessary and indispensable part of a multi-channel campaign.

The opportunities for QR codes are skyrocketing:

  • 80%+ U. S. consumers own mobile phones
  • 28% of those phones are smartphones
  • 71% of smartphone owners have scanned a QR code
  • Consumers who have scanned QR codes tend to be older, well educated, and have incomes above the national average.

A smartphone scanning a QR code.

A print ad incorporating a QR code.

Real estate sign utilizing QR code technology in a very provocative way.

An outdoor board featuring a QR code.

Who wouldn’t be tempted to scan it to see what they are trying to communicate?

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