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Tips & Bits #26: Marketers are going for the gold

Gold is hot these days. It’s almost impossible to watch television without someone offering to buy your gold. In the past months, the price has shot up to nearly $1,500 an ounce.

Advertisements for investing in gold have skyrocketed, too. But all the attention that gold is garnering lately has not gone unnoticed by marketers. Here are a few examples of companies attempting to cash in on the GOLD RUSH!

To celebrate its 18th anniversary, Chipotle is currently wrapping its burritos in gold—well, gold-colored foil. The company hopes to sell 35 million gold-wrapped gut-busters before the deal ends in June. (Generally the Gold anniversary is 50 years, so how they decided to celebrate their 18th with gold is anyone’s guess!)

One of many companies asking people to trade their gold for cash, Gold Promise decided a celebrity spokesperson was required. The company signed Mr. T and has enjoyed 17 million media impressions with his help. (It appears he may have sold off a few gold chains himself.)

The premium water business has always created some interesting hooks – now Gize is the first to be filtered through gold. Customers must be willing to drop $7 on a 200-ml bottle of H2O. (Wonder if it tastes any different?)

The 50-year-old Franklin Mint is better known for collectible dolls than this 2.2-pound Taj Mahal gold coin with 68 Cartier diamonds (The price is $140,000, but they’ll include the $7,000 Goyard case. The Mint also sells a 1-ounce version of the coin for $3,299, just in case you’re a little short on the green stuff.)

When Gold to Go unveiled the world’s first gold vending machine in the United Arab Emirates last summer, (Where else?) the marketing folks at Las Vegas’ Golden Nugget Casino knew they had to have one, too. The 992-pound machine sells 10 types of gold, from $60 bricks to $1,400 coins. The machine has exceeded everybody’s expectations—both as a tourist draw and as a revenue source. (Anyone got change for a $500?)

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