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Tips & Bits #22: Must-dos for 2nd Quarter 2011

Small businesses and large companies have something remarkable in common. They are run by people. And people are subject to emotions, have doubts, make mistakes and, more often than not, recognize and react to being treated like human beings. Here’s a short list of ways marketers can get in touch with their inner human-ness and make a very important connection with their customers – who, coincidentally are humans too!

  1. See if you’re in the right place:Would you do what you’re doing now for little or no pay?  If not, you need to make a change. You can’t expect to be effective when you’re stuck in a situation you don’t find rewarding.
  1. Pick 3 keywords for self-improvement: Each year, decide on 3 areas you want to improve upon and find 3 words that represent them. If you take on too many, you’ll probably become overwhelmed and not accomplish any.  

  1. Rotate and balance your “tires”: we rotate and balance the tires of a car to even out wear and tear and extend the mileage. Do the same for your life—balance your work and home lives so you won’t get burned out on one or the other.
  1. Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes: A good starting point for any marketing campaign is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. By looking at things from your customer’s perspective, you can more easily identify what you need to fulfill.

  1. Discover what it is you’re REALLY selling: If you own a restaurant, you might think you’re selling food. Wrong! You’re selling an escape, companionship and variety. Other examples: Nike doesn’t sell shoes — they sell cool. Ferrari doesn’t sell cars — they sell sex appeal. What do you really sell?
  1. Identify the emotional triggers of your customers: There are 13 emotional triggers that influence people to buy. What are the top 3 triggers for your customers? Can you incorporate them into your ads, your press releases and your social campaigns?
  1. Create a timeline for your brand: Where is your brand today? Where was it yesterday? Where do you see it going tomorrow, next year and so on? If you can map out your future, you increase your chances of arriving there.
  1. Don’t mistake information for insight: There’s no shortage in the amount of information available thanks to the internet. The challenge is to present your customers with useful and actionable insights about your products and services.
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