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Tips & Bits #19: The New Facebook

Facebook has gone through a lot of changes lately – the following information will help you become more familiar with what those changes mean.

What the New Facebook Pages Mean For Users & Owners

With the recent facelift of Facebook, page owners now have more reach and utility across the platform. Page administrators can now be logged in as the Page itself, which enables them to comment on behalf of the Page across to other Pages as well as public user profiles. The new features will give Pages more exposure by extending their reach on the platform and are likely to drive higher engagement through new notification features.

What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook’s Switch to iFrames

Learning to Love iFrames

The switch to iFrames means that developers can create dynamic web apps using their standard tools (HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, Flash, etc.), register them as a Facebook “Canvas” app and then embed the app on a custom Page via the iFrame. Most developers are celebrating. “iFrames allow marketers the creativity and flexibility similar to that afforded by webpages while developers can streamline integration with one process for Facebook canvas apps,

Using Facebook

The best and simplest news for Facebook marketers is that they may not have to try and pull someone away from Facebook to get them onto their site. There are now better options for accomplishing their sales or branding goals entirely within Facebook – Facebook ad respondents tend to convert better when they land on a page within Facebook,” observes Search Mojo CEO Janet Miller.

The Endgame for iFrames?

iFrames for Pages may be a win/win for all sides but they will require planning and some investment. As always with Facebook, you can’t ignore the huge user base, and you have to be open to new opportunities to interact. iFrames are very much a work-in-progress that warrants serious attention.

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